Why Your Company Needs to Be on Facebook and How to Get Started

In 2004, a college student named Mark Zuckerberg was sitting in his dorm room at Harvard, busily working on a project destined to usher in a new era of online communication. Today, Facebook boasts more than 1 billion users worldwide. As a Fortune 500 company, Facebook is big business in its own right. For the millions of individuals and businesses who use it, Facebook represents a wealth of business opportunities. If your company is one of the few that has yet to establish a Facebook presence, use this guide to get started.

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Facebook Statistics to Get Your Attention

According to Statistic Brain, more than 50 percent of registered Facebook users log in to their accounts daily — many before they have washed their face, brewed a cup of coffee or gotten out of bed. While logged in, the average user will spend 20 minutes a day surfing and catching up on news with a network that averages 130 friends per user. Facebook can be translated into more than 70 languages and has a presence on nearly every continent. This is nothing short of a miracle from a company with less than 5,000 employees worldwide. Finally, with more than 1 million links shared every 20 minutes, this is reason enough for your company to develop a social presence on Facebook.

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Setting Your Business Up for Facebook Success

The following tips can get your company off on the right foot to initiate conversations and develop relationships with colleagues and customers on Facebook. You may want to use a Web development company to assist with the setup process.

  • Use a Facebook page for marketing. A personal profile is designed for an individual to “friend” and be “friended” on a personal level. A page is designed for personalities, companies, products and services to promote what they have to offer to the Facebook community. Unlike personal profiles, pages also offer extra features like tracking, statistics, demographics, landing page customization, use of apps and broadcast campaigns.
  • Choose a succinct and recognizable Facebook URL name. Your Facebook URL is the Web “handle” customers and colleagues will use to find you on Facebook. For most businesses, the company name is sufficient.

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  • Create a goal to monitor your progress on Facebook. If you know what you are aiming toward, this makes it easier to make adjustments. For instance, if you want Facebook-related sales to teens to increase by 20 percent, create a campaign appealing to teens.Must Read: How Social Networking Can Help Grow Your Business
  • Keep your personal and business Facebook interactions separate. The most important rule of bringing your business onto Facebook is to keep your personal life away from your business life. Facebook offers various privacy control levels to do this.
  • Link your business Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you do not have time or interest in maintaining a presence on Twitter as well, Facebook makes it easy to do so with automatic account linking from your page.
  • Post dynamic content and engage in conversations. The beauty of Facebook is the opportunity to engage in real-time discussions with colleagues and customers. To do this, however, you must designate someone in your company to maintain a presence on Facebook during business hours.
  • Respond to all negative content ASAP. If a user posts negative feedback or commentary on your Facebook page, the best response is a fast and honest response. Dealing with negative feedback quickly and honestly sends a strong message about your company’s integrity and customer focus.Must Read: Simple Ways to Increase Online Customer Loyalty
  • Consider using Facebook campaigns to boost “likes.” Facebook also offers the option to create customized campaigns to boost likes and sales. You can set your daily budget for as little or much as you can afford and monitor the campaign’s progress.

  • Optimize your page for sales. A Web developer or IT-savvy colleague can help you optimize your Facebook page for sales. A number of third-party apps now exist to facilitate sales right from your page, too.

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  • The importance of having your business on Facebook can't be over emphasized, I particularly like point you raised of responding to negative comments. Most times, we fail to address these kind of little issues and in a long run, they can impart our brand negatively.

    If I stumple upon a post with negative comments, I won't think twice to believe them but when you provide positive PR, disproving what ever has been said, it can really do alot.

    Nice tips, Thanks :)

  • Nice post. In this era, getting your company on FaceBook is a MUST for any serious organization, especially small and medium scale enterprises who need a cost effective way of gaining brand popularity.

  • These are the very good tips that can help a business to get more exposure through social media site like Facebook . This post has made me aware of some unbelievable statistics of FB .Thanks for sharing the information .


  • Social media this day is the best place to start with when it comes to growing online business wings... Facebook been one of the leading social media encourages this and many are making both ends meet in their business endeavour using the power of Facebook. This is not to dispute the fact that other social media like twitter, linkedIn, pinterest are not doing great, they did! but Facebook seems to be the better place to start. Thumb up!

  • facebook is a good social media for both business and websites, is a must for every successful bussiness, i gain alot of traffic from my facebook fanpage. promoting it is another important issue