Some Easy Ways to Use Pinterest to Boost your SEO

Pinterest, in the recent times, has earned huge popularity among internet users. This social media platform is effectively used for brand promotion and business marketing. Establishing online visibility through Pinterest has become the trend of the competitive generation these days. This social networking site has ranked the top amongst the other sites. It is ahead of Facebook even! Pinterest is really a potential site where sharing of contents and reaching out to the audience is pretty easy.

The best part is that Pinterest can also be used for boosting your SEO apart from enhancing the online presence.

How can you upheaval your SEO through this social platform?

  • Firstly, fill the “about” section of your Pinterest account.

This is not as interesting as pinning images in your board but let me tell you this is a crucial task for SEO that all users should perform. The text you enter into this field should be keyword-rich so that search engine can easily track you and group up your pins, boards and profiles according to the correct search result.

  • Secondly, fill up SEO hot spots

Like all other social networking sites, Pinterest too have some areas which search engine scans. By optimizing these key areas, you can improve your visibility on the search engines. When you are using the Pinterest platform, you should fill up the SEO title and give the individual boards a name. All these should have the appropriate keywords.

  • Your next task will be to link up your different platforms through this social platform.

On visiting the one of your Pinterest pages, the visitor might like to explore some other offerings made by you online. Hence, you should give them that chance so that they can move to your social media platforms, websites and blogs through the Pinterest profile. Using the call of action comments is also a good choice for you.

  • Then, create and categorize your different Pinterest boards.

Search engine spiders can notice more, if you have multiple pinboards. You should create boards dealing with diverse topics. The titles of these boards should be strong enough and must be keyword-rich. People of all genres and all groups of interests can find something or the other. When you have different pinboards in your profile, it is necessary to categorize them. Categorizing the boards will help the visitors to find you while browsing your site by categories.

Follows these steps and you can use Pinterest for expanding your exposure across the web world.

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  • Thanks for sharing this piece, i never thought of Pinterest all this while but now i want to give it a cool chance. Thanks

  • Pinterest is also good for traffic. Just include good images in your posts and you are good to go.

  • I've never used pinterest since i started blogging.. I think I'll Start using it from Today so I'll boost ma SEO!! Thanks Bro Caprio!!!

  • Social media is very effective platform for any marketing business. Pinterest is one of a well known social media website where you can get good traffic for the website and get good response to your business.

  • Great article One little that has worked for me is to have a lot of boards on different subjects and within those boards put 2-3 pins about you business. Also invite people who have a good following in your niche to contribute to your board. Please check my boards out for a example. http://pinterest.com/muscleover40/