Ways to Drastically Improve Your On-Page SEO Efforts

Today, you will find the web carrying loads of optimized pages. The objective nowadays is not just to outperform any poorly optimized webpage in different search results but to do the very same thing to any page, which is primarily optimized from an on page SEO perspective. The best way to improve your on page SEO efforts is to rely over the advance level options. There are loads of common on page SEO strategies, which have given positive impact over certain specific web pages to rank better over the search engines. Most of the common ones still work; however, their effectiveness is often a big issue.

The usual on-page SEO strategies are now seen simply a mainstream processes since you know that quality content not alone is enough for getting loads of search engine traffic. In order to outrank your web page you cannot just suffice your efforts on certain basic and usual kind of optimization strategies but to try out certain advance level options. The following are these days to drastically improve your on page SEO efforts. Let’s check them out:

Use synonyms of the important keywords

Once you collect all your target keywords you can think of using their variants in your content. Search engines today are very much smart to understand the synonyms of the most popularly used words. You can certainly place the synonyms of these words and the various variations of the vital phrases via the content. For instance, Google considers the terms like ‘improve’ and ‘increase’ very much relevant to the word boost. Hence you search for ‘boost on page optimization’ Google will give you results with the above said variants of the actual keyword that are very much popular. If you plan to execute the strategy in your site properly, you are more likely to get better results for the relevant long tail keywords. But make sure you these words properly and naturally.

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Linking out to high authority websites

While writing content, you should focus more on offering your readers very much relevant stuff as per the topic. If you feel that the external link from any high authority website can be useful by the readers make sure you do not just hesitate to link the same with such sites. Inbound links from any high authority site can really help in boosting up your website’s SEO and at the same time it helps in telling the search engines via these posts that your site is also trustworthy. Linking out to a high authority trustworthy website simply helps in boosting up the trust score of you own website, which helps in boosting up your on page strategy to a great extent.

Post valuable stuff that can harness good social reactions

If you are planning to rank any simple and ordinary content then you should know the fact that Google keeps on updating the algorithms to push quality content higher over the search results. The end users simply love such types of content. You are therefore supposed to study your website and learn the things that work and that doesn’t really work along with checking the things that get social shares and user engagement. As per the experts, social signals are increasingly vital for search engine ranking.  Something, which can work the best for your competitor cannot be assured to work for you. This simply doesn’t really mean that you can’t find content ideas from other websites of your niche area the fact is you can. If a post on a specific topic was of a common interest that is relevant to website’s audience then the chances are there, that your audience also would love the post on that same subject.

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Produce detailed and lengthy content along with fresh content over the pages

As per the recent SERP IQ survey, the length of your content can have positive impact over SEO. The top results on search engines belong to sites with content more than 2000 words followed by the lesser ones. In fact, Google simply loves the content rich websites not because it considers the bigger content as valuable but because the end users love it. This simply doesn’t mean that you keep on expanding all the non expandable posts as well but add suitable content where you have the scope of adding it naturally. As you know search engines simply love fresh content and hence do give extra importance over such sites over their search results. For this very reason any site, which is periodically updated do seem to do better in search results as compared to static post regarding the same over your website. So make a proper posting schedule and follow them to add fresh content over different pages. This will really boost up your on page SEO drastically.

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Final word

By implementing these strategies can really help in boosting your on page SEO efforts and would certainly give you positive results over the search engine results. So give them a try, they are not very difficult to implement.

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  • on page seo is very important aspect of sucess in online business, really helpful resource you shared. thanks.

  • Those were some pretty useful points that are not found everywhere. Especially the point regarding synonyms of the important keywords.
    Thanks for the wonderful article and keep posting.

  • SEO is one great way of getting traffic to your blog even after you do not promote it an i do strongly feel that we should pay more attention to it. :)

    Thanks for the lovely article, now do have your self a wonderful week ahead

  • This is a very good and helpful post. One thing I do have conflict over though is the length of a post. Long posts are good for SEO but some readers hate long posts and often leave the site before getting to the end of the post. How do we balance the two?

  • hii Margaret,
    i read your article and found it to be much beneficial for me but can you please tell me that if i link another website to my website's article then, is it beneficial for me or not ? because providing other site's link is such like to provide a bad impression on visitors that my site doesn't contain enought to attract them so i link them to another website..
    please explain it..
    by the way thanks for sharing

  • Nice post. I never knew linking out to authority could be that important. i also agree with you about post length as long as its meaningful and NOT worthless repetition.