Using as an Alternative to Google Adsense

Over the last few years or so, we bloggers have been finding alternatives to Google Adsense by all possible means. We have also found out some companies like Adbrite, Infolinks, Viglink, etc but they don’t pay as much as Google Adsense which is considered by many to be the best. Some bloggers claim that BuySellAds is a good alternative to Google Adsense; yes, this is right but to get approved is very hard. So, after a long time we got one alternative to Google Adsense and that is (Yahoo and Bing Advertising Network). It doesn’t only give near-Adsense results but sometimes, it can be as profitable as Google Adsense.

We have used both and Google Adsense and found that there is only very little difference, or we can say no difference at all. It’s not that hard to get approved so far your site meets the requirements.

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To get approved and maintain your account afterwards, there are certain things to do. Their demands are simple and easy to fulfill.

How to get approved

  • Website should be updated regularly.
  • Website should have major traffic from countries like Canada, UK, and US.
  • Good amount of traffic on the website daily.
  • Excessive advertisement should be avoided.
  • Website design should be user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Ads placement on blank pages is not allowed (pages with no content).
  • There should be no piracy link or other illegal software.
  • Pages which are hosted free may not be approved.
  • There should be no hidden links and text.
  • There should be no error like under constructions, pages without content.
  • Website containing any adult, illegal or pornographic content or image should not be promoted.
  • Website should not contain contents like promoting illegal drugs ,tobacco, alcohol etc.
  • Site should not have content promoting invalid clicks or other things related to this activity.
  • Your site should not have any computer generated content

How to avoid getting suspended after approval

  • The website should not have any invalid traffic which may be generated by advertising with a third party or doing link exchange, or from any software.
  • Invalid clicks are not allowed in and publishers clicking on ads is considered invalid click.
  • Users are not allowed to put more than 3 ads in a page.
  • And they are not allowed to put ads in the paragraph of the content which encourage visitors to click on it.
  • Placing images near ads which may confuse visitors is not allowed.
  • Using software which help to increase clicks and impression on the website is not allowed.
  • Publishers are allowed to take the help of an Ad Specialist ( account manager).
  • You can only place ads on approved sites.
  • User are not allowed to deliver ads via pop-ups.
  • Users are not allowed to place ads on email or any newsletter.
  • Users are not allowed to modify the ads given by


  • Payment will be made if the threshold of $100 is reached.
  • The payment is made 30 days after the month threshold is reached
  • You can receive payment by PayPal or via wire transfer. is based upon the RPM (Revenue per thousand impressions), suppose if your RPM is 4 dollar for a particular day and impressions is 2000, then on that day you will going to earn 8 dollars.Through advertising network, you can earn well if your website is driving very high traffic.

If you didn’t get approved from Google Adsense, then we will recommend you to use as Google adsense alternatives.

Hope you like our article on Use as alternative to Google Adsense. This article is written by Sandhu brothers (Manpreet Singh and Gurjeet Singh).

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  • Don Please if I have a Blogspot site with Adsense activated on it, and I Make it a Custom domain and move it to wordpress will I loose my Adsense appearing on my site because of the custom domain and move to wordpress?

    • I'm sorry but this is not the right post to ask this. I think I've replied your mail on this too.

  • I'm really impressed with my earnings at I thought at first that i wouldnt be accepted, since adsense rejected me. But it took just two days to get approved. Thanks to yahoo.

  • yes i like your article but i applied 7 times to but they dont allow me even they don't send me any mail.i have good traffic on my site but i dont know the reason.please tell.

  • Thank you Don Caprio,

    I am very interested in any reading of your article

    Still with you loyal readers here. I focus my question on "How to avoid getting suspended after approval" last point "Users are not allowed to modify the ads given by", does this mean I can not get to costumize color that has been provided by them?

    Is placing an ad should give the title of the box HTML / Javascript blog?

    Is placing text ads under "popular posts" blog will be at risk get banned from them?

    We are sorry if I ask too many questions, I am really new at this and still a lot I need to know.

    Hopefully you still help me in this regard.

    warm regards

  • Nice post, Sandhu Brothers.

    I think everyone hear should read through the Medianet rules for publishers, as shown in the post.

    For example: "Pages which are hosted free may not be approved"! Which rules out Google Blogger blogs, as well as any other free hosting providers(platforms). There are a few other interesting guidelines, too.

    Apart from that, Medianet may be worth giving a shot at, as many other ad agencies(including Google Adsense) can often have huge drop offs in CPC and/ or RPM earnings.

    In many cases, Ads being served through certain agencies are not being accurately (captured) and then a person using these ad agencies may see huge discrepancies between visits/ page views/ ad views/ ad clicks/ and the amount of earnings shown.