Track Your Stolen / Lost Smartphone Using these Smart Apps

Mobile phones are undoubtedly our best companions in these present times. They are becoming more and more powerful with every passing moment. Nowadays, we all are so dependent on our phones and smartphones like Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Nook tablet, etc. are not only used for making calls, but for a whole lot of other funtions. Our connectivity to the world, our social life, our entertainment, our knowledge, our social networking, our job, briefly everything about our lives is dependent on our phones. We just cannot afford to lose them. Additionally, they come at quite a high price so, losing your Smartphone is quite a big loss in many ways. You just have to keep in mind that every smartphone that comes into the market has a GPS function in it and that means Smartphone can be tracked via GPS the moment the handset is on and in wireless range. Below is a description about some well-known apps for a Smartphone that can help in finding your lost phone.

Find My Phone

Beautiful and simple app helps you in finding your lost Smartphone via GPS. You just have to text “find me” to start tracking and “ring aloud” to make it start buzzing. You may text it this from any ones phone or from free online SMS

Safe or Sorry

Safe or Sorry is a great Android phone-tracking app. With its invention, working you can get hold of your phone no matter where it is. Through this app, you can access the new number that is being used in your phone. This particular feature of the app makes it resourceful. As soon as the SIM card is replaced from your mobile, you get to know it and you even get to know the number of robber, making is quite easy for you to track him down. The app tracks the phone and gives you the exact location of your phone on a map. Safe or Sorry app comes with a specially programmed alarm that shows where your phone is located when nearby.

Android Lost Free

This amazing app is not only perfect for tracking your lost phone,  it will also help to catch the thief. You have to activate it (via SMS or the Web) for the alarm to ring with a flashing screen, WiFi connection and data, enable and disable the GPS, get their recent call list and remotely wipe the SD card.


It is a wonderful app has all the functions like tracking via GPS, remote alarm trigger remote wipe of the SD card also the internal storage, remote lock of the phone,  alerts of a SIM change. The free version lasts for a week; whereas the Pro version lets you use it for up to five devices under the same account.

Prey Anti-Theft

It is a very useful app you have to installed this before the phone goes missing. To track your lost Smartphone, you may activate Prey via SMS with the words “GO PREY” in all capital then logs into the Control Panel via the Web to make the device as ‘Missing’. Then you can receive notices of location of your phone.  A hidden app can only be uninstalled with a password.

AVG Antivirus

Apart from protecting your devices from virus attacks, this app also can locate your lost or stolen phone via Google Maps and lock your device to protect your privacy via SMS. If your phone or tablet is stolen or missing then you can set a lock screen message to help the locator find you and make your device ring even when it is in silent mode.

Users of electronic gadgets like Windows Phone, Android and BlackBerry can also try useful apps like 1Password, Password Wallet, SplashID and LastPass.

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  • Naturally google Android come with its own security. You can track your phone through the google account which you used to activate your playstore.

    What you need to do is login to the account on your computer and go to settings and from there you click on security.

    From there you can track your phone. You'll even see the option of ringing alarm, lock the phone and locate the phone on google map in real time.

    Even you can use the same method to track any device that login to your google account and google will even show you the picture of the device and also give you an option of locking it if you wish.

    Good luck!

  • This phone locator is really good, but I wanna ask if you can tract your lost phone only if the GPS is on and your phone is connected to the internet?

    • The GPS has to be on to effectively track the phone but if the "thief" is smart enough, that's the first thing he or she would turn off.

  • Great apps!!! I wonder by seeing the list of above apps. These apps do the work of police. Great to see the app development.

  • this just awesome and thanks for this tips hope stealling is bad , and finding the thief is good. And this article is awesome.

  • Nice post. GadgetTrak is one of the best, maybe you can add that too. It has inbuilt that can snap the face of the thief and mail it to your email. Its not free though.

  • This is really informative and detailed enough, despite the fact that nobody is perfect but if however I mistakenly misplaced my mobile I can easily track it, and probably get it back Thanks for sharing this!