Top Ten Online Math Calculator for College Students

Math is considered a universal language; whether it is about developing the oculus rift or about the cracking of enigma code, it creates a fantastic world of computing. It is the study of properties, relationships, and measurements of sets and quantities, using symbols and numbers. The knowledge of mathematics must interfere in some way of human life. That is, if you were to say that mathematics is an integral part of life, it would not be wrong. Hardly any day in human life comes when they do not use mathematics. Whether people need to pay a bill or make a deposit with their bank or calculate an equation as an engineer, no one can deny the importance of mathematics. Using math is involved in everyone’s life in some way.

In the same way, calculators have become an essential part of life. Using a calculator is not only very important for students, but it also makes it a lot easier for people to perform daily tasks related to calculations. Forty years have passed since the use of calculators in educational institutions. The early calculators came with limited functionality, including only the essential elements of mathematics, such as (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication). However, since then, the functionality and speed of calculators have proliferated.

Before the advent of the calculator, students in math classes had to memorize many formulas for solving math questions, and it was a complicated process for the students. Because of the slightest mistake, all their time in the exam wasted answering one question. Traditionally, this repetitive practice of recording and manipulating the same formulas over and over again was considered the best foundation for a future in math.

But when it came to these rote functions in math, the calculator proved itself to be a quick, easy, and accurate alternative, and this will greatly reduce the difficulties students face in mathematics. So it proved that a mathematician could never compete with a calculator. Online calculators have changed the scenario entirely, and now students have an edge in math, engineering, and science classes. Online Math calculators are also extremely easy to use to explore, analyze, visualize, and solve mathematical problems.

Why do students need math calculators?

The purpose of the calculator in Mathematics is to help the student achieve the following goals.

  • Learn to understand numbers and the relationships between them and teach math techniques that make it easier for the student to understand.
  • Allow students to do math calculations quickly and accurately.
  • Provide students with the convenience of math accuracy and the ability to test their results.
  • The calculator has become an effective math skill that does not require much time for the student to understand the problem, and it also safe from the tedious calculation method.
  • With the calculator, the effect of getting the wrong answer to a given question is greatly reduced.

Top 10 Math calculators for college students:

There are many types of calculators that are available online these days. But specifically for college students, the following types of math calculators are most effective & useful.

  1. Online Arithmetic Calculator

Students have been using these types of calculators for a pretty long while to perform common addition, subtraction, division, multiplication operations, to solve percent & root problems.

  1. Scientific calculator

It is a general-purpose calculator for students through which they may able to solve science, engineering & mathematical problems. They have replaced the traditional rules followed in conventional applications. This calculator is useful for both students & professionals.

  1. Unit Converter

These types of online calculators are being used to convert the value available in any particular unit into another unit. For instance, this types of calculator will allow you to convert meter square to square feet, or even square inches.

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  1. Currency converter

Currency calculator is commonly used by the students of accounting & economics. These sorts of calculators are used to get an exchange rate of one currency into other currencies. It is also worthy of mentioning that these calculators have the capability to update them automatically concerning as exchange rates change.

  1. Area calculators

These types of calculators are used to determine the area of any shape or object in just a few seconds without the student having to remember complex mathematical formulas.

  1. Calculus Calculator

Calculus is a topic that is considered a haunting monster by many high school and college students. Online Calculus calculator offers assistance with this.

  1. Trigonometry Calculators

These types of calculators are used by the mathematics students to calculate various values of trigonometric ratios such as Sinᶿ, Cosᶿ, Tan ᶿ, etc.

  1. Engineering Calculators

These are used to solve complex engineering calculations and equations relating to electrical, mechanical, electronics, civil, and metallurgy engineering.

  1. Logarithm Calculators

These calculators are used to calculate the logarithm or antilogarithm of complex problems found in mathematics courses as well as some physics-related equations.

  1. Graphing Calculators & Function Grapher

It can also be called a handheld computer as it is capable of solving simultaneous equations & plotting of graphs etc.

These online magical tools solve severe mathematical problems and equations for college students. These tools save time in solving equations, sums, and issues related to Trigonometry, Cross products, Quadratic equation, Geometry, Perimeter, Circumference, etc.

Top 10 Math Apps

These apps are not only the calculators but also tutors of math that help students to master this subject.

  • MyScript Calculator
  • Desmos Graphing Calculator
  • Math Calculator by
  • Prodigy
  • Calculators
  • Wolfram Alpha
  • Khan Academy
  • Calc Tape
  • Plc Lite


Having the right study tool in college for your course is essential to get a better understanding of the subject and good grades. An excellent online Mathematical calculator helps students to learn about and put complex concepts and formulas into practice more efficiently. These online software calculators are potent tools for college students and teachers when used.

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