Top 6 Reasons Why The iPhone Sucks

In today’s mobile market, every company is holding its grip tight to dominate and in actual fact, there is indeed a vivid competition between these mobile companies and their products. It is no mistake seeing Apple on the top list in the mobile market today because the iPhone surfaced with a well built mobile operating system and strong physical build with some other features. It’s undisputable that Apple changed what we call smartphones today but  if you’re new to the iPhone or presently stuck with it, you may probably think there’s nothing better than having an iDevice.

Of course, you may discover you’re unable to do certain things most old phones would easily let you do but you may not want to agree that your phone is fully loaded with many restrictive features  and lack the flair, bells and whistles other mobile companies bring to the table. This post doesn’t talk “about this Vs that”, or saying the iPhone is a rip-off or something,  it’s just about reasons why iPhone sucks and I know many users will reluctantly concur with me on the following reasons.

1. File transfer & mass storage

Other smartphones make file transfer very easy with drag and drop function from the mobile to computer and vice-versa;  just connect the phone to a computer and its internal memory will show up as an external disk, but with iPhone the case is different. Every little thing has to be done through iTunes and even at that, using your phone as mass storage is still a pain in the butt. You may have iTunes installed on your PC but what if the other computer you’re transferring to has no iTunes installed? Another annoying thing is the case of bluetooth transfer. I doubt if Apple would approve any application to be released into App Store to perform that function?

2. Expensive and rather over-priced

iPhone isn’t cheap and we all know this! Sometimes, I even feel it’s rather over-priced. Despite the fast growing competition between mobiles companies, Apple still remains adamant to reduce their product price. A couple of months after most mobile companies launch a new product, the price is likely to drop but with Apple, this is never the case.

3. External memory

It’s clear Apple is trying so hard to be different and not to follow the crowd but all what we see is setbacks… or why won’t the iPhone  use an external memory? Sony managed to build a water-resistant phone, Samsung did something great with that eye scrolling thing to just mention few and they did all these without neglecting basic things that still make phone usage easy for consumers. In recent years, Apples lacks the innovation it used to be known for and even if they want to create something different and unique, they should find other ways of doing this without depriving mobile users of what they’ve been enjoying for years.

4. Media Support

With the audio output of the iPhone acceptable to a reasonable degree, media support for different video formats is impossible. With the default video player, you’re only allowed to play MP4 videos and nothing more. You can’t just download a video from the internet and watch on your device without going through the pain of converting to MP4 on PC and synchronizing through iTunes. I know there are certain apps that play other video formats but this should be possible be default without any third party application.

5. Customization

All iDevices run on Apple mobile OS which is iOS; this is clean, simple but very restricted. It’s almost impossible to modify or customize in anyway unless you jailbreak it. This jailbreak process still give some users a bit of freedom but I must tell you, Apple is doing everything possible to make jailbreaking process impossible for everyone. iOS 6 was tough till Evasi0n jailbreak came in, right? Just wait, iOS 7 will be tougher!

6. Limited devices

It’s the iPhone so, you have no choice but to either go for iPhone 5, 4S, 4 or 3GS. Variety, the say, is the spice of life but this is not the case with Apple products. There are limited devices to choose from and even worse, iOS is getting old… it’s the same old boring look since 2007 that’s just being re-polished.  There are many types of Samsung galaxy, Nokia Lumia, Sony Xperia and others to choose from ranging from low-end smart phones to high end devices. Apple leaves you no choice.

It can’t be denied that Apple is a major player in the mobile market and their past innovations was very commendable but the tight competition they’re facing now should make them step up their game and give consumers what the consumers really want, not what Apple thinks they want. I’m sure a survey should actually help the company but I doubt if they actually listen to their customers at all.

With all the reasons above, I am not implying that one phone is better than the iPhone or trying to be a fan of a particular company, I’m just stating facts here. I like the iPhone but I can see it’s numerous flaws. What do you think?

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  • I use iPhone 7 plus, and Android Samsung Note 5., at the same time, all the time. Both have + / - .
    To me , for a business phone, iPhone works better. This is number one requirement for me.
    Reasons I switched to iPhone:
    -Business Phone works correctly
    -No bloatware
    -not one Verizon app
    -Bluetooth works correctly
    -updates are voluntary or in the middle the night
    -every Android app so for that I have used has a iPhone alternative
    -most apps were designed for the iPhone first and then converted to the android
    -Glass screen on iPhone is so much quicker than the plastic android screen that I have used
    -The iCloud restores the phone all apps and settings and even puts the icons back where they were
    -GPS map works better on the iPhone then the android for me
    -The new keyboard soft joystick curser, while entering text, is amazing and an iPhone game changer, needed for me to like the iPhone.
    -Google seems to have lost interest in keeping their phones clean, and worry-free.
    -The last several android phones were so bad, at making calls, I was thinking about getting a dumb phone, so then I decided to try the iPhone I think it's a keeper.
    -A handheld device, is supposed to be a phone first, and then everything else. that's why I switched from android to iPhone.
    -The screen of the iPhone and the phone itself, does not get hot, or even very warm, when watching videos, using, and talking on it. The android phone gets so hot, you could fry an egg on the screen, sometimes.
    -every time the android phone updates it breaks the Bluetooth and the only way to restore Bluetooth for the last several phones couple years now has been to totally erase and reset the phone again and then android does not restore it correctly plus and restoring it from the cloud is not recommended. Fail.
    -I saw a test of a new android phone against the new iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 was much better a gaming. some of the apps wouldn't even start on the android phone.
    -of course it took me a learning curve time to figure out how to use this thing since I had not used an iPhone in about eight years.

  • I am using a android phone and I hate it.
    Apple products is just unique, small and looks fantastic I would switch to apple soon because android phones is no match for apple.there is no apple products that freezes while using that is why apple products is best.

  • I have had IOS, then moved to Android. The problem I have with Android is the system starts to bog down heavily over time, regardless of RAM, CPU power etc. To be honest I switched to WP8.1 with the amazing Nokia Lumia, and I have to say I am extremely happy with the looks, speed, responsiveness, large internal memory and ease of use. While the App store has only about 250,000 apps it is growing, and how many flashlight and Calculator apps do you actually need(lol). Not to mention it syncs seamlessly to Office, Outlook and my Windows laptop. I was quite surprised!

  • Ok umm... Download VLC app, and download an app called Downloader. this app allows you to drag and drop items into it via itunes in the app section. pictures, music, movies, videos etc. videos like mkv and all that can be accessed in downloaded and opened in VLC. pictures can be saved in folders OR transferred straight from downlaoder app to camera roll. this works for videos too. i do this to transfer a video from laptop -> downloader app -> camera roll -> viber/whatsapp/imessage

    there are a lot of neat things you can do you just have to find out how. and no my iPhone isn't jailbroken

  • Let me tell you something I have owned all iPhones until 5 did not get the 5s and decided to give Samsung s5 a chance and now I realize that even though IOS it's nice and all it really don't make your life easier no options to transfer anything thru Bluetooth ,no NFC, and so many restrictions I feel free with my new Samsung s5 from now on I'm android 100%

  • I really appreciate your write up, but there are some things I'd like to point out.

    Firstly: iTunes maybe retarded, yes. Most users will find it very user unfriendly. But it works like a charm when you have WiFi sync enabled. There are many workarounds one can use for file management, I personally prefer using Dropbox.

    Secondly: I have personally used 4 Android devices in the past 4 years including the legendary Nexus 4 from Google! The only thing good in Android phones is 'Google Now' and the Swype Keyboard! I also have an iPad and an iPhone. The best thing about the iDevices is that they do not crash because of some stupid app developer made a faulty app! How many of you have used a Android phone that lasted for more than 2 years? Say Hello to Software aging! Android phones become laggy, unstable and obsolete because a new phone is launched somewhere in the world with better specs every 3 months!

    More: The only reason why Androids have grabbed a better share in the world market is because companies like Samsung, etc have been bringing out phones starting from the range of $60. When everyone is buying some thing it doesn't mean that it's a great thing, it simply means that it's affordable to everyone! Now when Apple is bringing out a cheaper phone, everyone will try to talk crap about it because Apple is bringing it! Wasn't it Samsung who started with the cheap phones in the first place?

    • Firstly: Still means that PnP file transfer are borked, w/ or w/o workarounds. Not something totally acceptable for an iPhone's demanding RRP.

      Secondly: Subjective. Apps in general aside from Google Now and Swype are anybody's cup of tea (or not) as well, as parallel to its iOS counterparts. And to be blunt the majority of iPad owners including family members and friends that I know of requires it due to the fact that the iPhone are just too small for that waiting/coffee time Web needs, not necessarily because of apps' QC. I'm using an S II GT-I9100G (non-Exynos) right now on Android 4.3 via custom AOSP ROM. "Laggy, unstable and obsolete" only applies to FUD believers who'd rather not do the legwork on their $600-700 smart device or early adopters who'd rather subscribe to Apple's rigid UX ideals which is fine if that floats your boat.

      More: Again and again I see this blatantly ignorant argument from probably NA centric and carrier/contract controlled users. You're oblivious... There's no such thing as a $60 Android phone on contract round this South East Asian part where users routinely pays HIGHER unlocked prices and most high end Androids are just about $50-100 less than a typical iPhone.

  • Joe, you can't go bashing Apple when you decide to buy the really outdated 4s. What were you thinking? Get the 5. Or wait a month and get the 6. I jumped ship from Android for my first iPhone. I got the 5 and it is amazing. I won't be throwing this phone out of frustration. It's amazing. It works. Never lags or glitches and feels amazing.

  • Always had top of line phones bought 4s 2 months ago, cant load music easily, cant get pictures off easily cant forward voicemails from an apple, found that out today buying a Samsung tomorrow, apple is crap

    • Those phones really sucks better go for Android phones before we close the door to Android Entry.... lol :)

  • new to the smart phone world (just bought a 4s 2 mo ago)
    i am a pro software architect w/ 20 years experience building buis. applications

    why i hate the iphone:
    - itunes is simply retarded.
    - iWhatever's reliance on itunes makes it suck by association
    - no file explorer
    - no decent app listing/comparison website (itune's search/result/display for comparison shopping is retarded)
    - no complete folder/permission based security
    - how transfer files to iphone? (took me 30 min to get 3rd pty app to get this working)
    - iCloud is overly simplistic and thus "under capable"
    - i heard 50+ % of iphone users jailbreak (what does this tell you?)

    i have lots more gripes, but its not my job to spend my time fixing apple's mess
    i have not wished this kind failure on anyone since blockbuster charged excessive late fees in the 90's, but after experiencing this iphone, good riddance to you apple