Top 5 Ways to Reduce your Blog’s Bounce Rate

Some bloggers like to start a blog just to share unique ideas with the world and some like blogging as they just want a medium to write and share their own experiences. However, there is just one thing in common among all bloggers and that is the aim to attract as many visitors on their blogs as possible. Bloggers do like to keep a track of the followers or readers who come, visit and read their blogs. One should always keep a track of his blog’s visitors which fairly gives you an idea of how many visitors are actually visiting your blog and the amount of time they like to spend on the blog. Some visitors visit just one page on your site and “bounce off.” When this is compared with the actual number of your total visitors, we can now determine what the “bounce rate” is.

Everyday, some new or returning visitors do visit your blog and spend some time on it. But often, it is found that as soon as they land on the landing page, either they don’t find the blog user-friendly or don’t like to go through the content as it does not seem to be informative to them. So, they simply hit the back button or simply close the blog. If this is the situation similar to you too, then some of the tips and tricks highlighted below may help you reduce your bounce  rate to a reasonable degree.

  1. Write some Valuable Content

  2. It is always recommended that you can improve your blog’s quality by writing appealing and informative content which actually persuades your visitors to spend more time on your blog. This is absolutely true, each and every single visitor is important to your blogging business and hence, it is also your responsibility that you think of them too. Try to write your post in simple English and provide informative content so that your visitors develop interest and stick to your blog for a pretty longer time, thus reducing the bounce rate of your blog. Also you can use relevant picture in your post to make it more interesting in the eyes of your visitors.

  3. Make your blog user-friendly

  4. In order to reduce the bounce-rate of your blog, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is to make your blog as user-friendly as possible. This would also persuade your visitors to spend more and more time on it. A user-friendly blog obviously gets more user-attraction and attention too and they would also like to be there on your blog for a much longer time. Making your blog user-friendly would also help your blog readers to get easily about what they are actually searching for.

  5. Reduce the Page Load-Time

  6. Make possible changes in your blog so that it loads faster. This is always appreciated and your visitors will appreciate it to. But, in order to do that you need to make your blog design as simple as possible. Using the latest technologies in your blog with a fast loading theme will definitely help. You should be aware that oo many plugins, javascripts and heavy images can considerably make your blog load very slowly. At the same time, make sure that the blog code that you provide is clean and not encumbered.

  7. Provide Relevant Categories

  8. This is definitely a good idea for your blog visitors to spend some more time on your blog by providing relevant categories where possible. It definitely lets your visitor to read other articles at your blog. If they find it interesting, then more and more time would be spent at your blog. Therefore, it is always good to add pertinent categories for your blog post to make enable your visitors to go through it as possible.

    Also, be sure to include widgets like related posts below each article to make visitors spend more time.

  9. Get your blog posts interlinked

  10. This is actually the best way to reduce bounce rate of your blog. It will not only help you to reduce your blog’s bounce rate but also got anchor-text benefits for SEO. Making it inter-linked will simply help your readers to read another content of the same category. They would simply like to click all the internal links to read other linked articles on your blog. Therefore, it is always beneficial for your blog post to get it interlinked but having too many links just for the sake of interlinking is also not good for your blog.

Following these tips and guidelines would surely help to reduce your blog’s bounce rate and this would definitely persuade your readers or visitors to stick to your blog for a longer time. Well, if you have any other ideas of reducing the bounce rate of your blog, kindly feel free to share with us too.

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  • I have learned a lot from this blog, One thing I like is the design, But this site take much time to load. You should look into site loading time now

  • To seriously fight against bounce rate, related post should be added to a blog to enhance the readers to read more about related articles

  • When first time visitors are not returning, it might as well caused increase in blog bounce rate

  • I would like to add another point. Write a very long article. However this only works if you're VERY good at writing and I only see few people can do this very well. Two of them are Pat from Smartpassiveincome.com and Viperchill. If you notice, most of the articles are very long, probably more than 2000 words. Although they are long, you won't get bored and eagerly want to read until the very last line.

  • I want to believe that increase in bounce rate can be general problem if your first timer visitor failed to turn to a vinques visitor, definitely their will be rapid increase in the bouncing rate.

  • These are basic steps and principles to reduce bounce rate, yet easily forgotten amidst the torrent of advice all over the web. Thanks for the reminder

  • There is more to blog bounce rate and lots of things contribute to it, example your post title which is your identity when appeared to search engines, some bloggers now uses (free them) as their post title for wp themes and when you finally comes in you will see (paid/premium wp theme) what do you thing that will happen for visitors that came for free theme, they will close the tab immediately

  • These tips are really useful & very informative.
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  • reducing the bounce rate on a blog is one thing a blogger should always focus on because it help's in determining how effective your blog is on it's readers