Top 5 Android HD Games For 2012

I never really had the time playing games on my Macbook, anytime i’m with it, i’m either on the internet or working. Though I love games big time especially when it comes to HD games for android, I really like them. Thanks to advancement in technology hHD games have been made to work like or better on mobile than on console. So anytime i’m not with my Macbook or whenever i’m travelling, these Android HD games keeps my company. Now lets get into the action and see the best Android HD games for 2011-2012.

Modern Combat 3 Fallen Nation

If you are the kind that like it when its war time or likes shooter games then you really need to see modern combat 3, although I have never played it on a computer or console but I don’t think it can be better than it is already on Android. You play as corporal James Walker and fight through a 13-mission campaign from Los Angeles to Pakistan with different types of gameplay from escort to helicopter, destroy, 4×4 chase and more.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

I have never played a racing game as entertaining as this game, need for speed hot pursuit is not just a racing game, I call it a combination of action and race. You really need to see this game if you own an Android device. It has two game plays, you either play as a cop and take down racers or play as a racer and escape cops, you could also race with other cops to escape or race to a crime scene in a given time and win price and bounty unlock new cars.

FIFA 12 by EA Sports

Football has never been more real on mobile, EA offers on the best mobile football experience on Android, the game play and fluidity of the players movement is almost realistic, the animation and graphics is so perfect that sometimes I would ask myself if i’m really playing a game or watching a live match, though i’m not much of a football fan but fifa 12 keeps me coming back for it.

The Amazing Spiderman

When I played the previous spiderman game on my Nexus S, I taught it was amazing but now that I saw the amazing spiderman I know what’s really amazing. This game has stunning graphic and the content is well detailed and brings all the web-sling actions that you would expect.

9mm HD

Here is another shooter game for you but here you play as a cop and head a special taskforce of like-minded cops set on ridding the town of crime, regardless of what measures need to be taken then after killing a drug lord’s brother and stealing millions of dollars, you become the target of every gangbanger in the city. The only way to survive is to kill them before they kill you, legally or not.


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