Top 4 Tools for iOS Developers

When developing iOS apps, it pays to have a mighty set of tools in your holster to make your job that little bit easier – without taking the fun out of developing, of course.

Purely designed to aid progress, quicken app development and improve quality design, here are the top tools for iPhone, Mac and iPad developers:


If you want to play about with how your app will look and how it functions, creating a series of prototype apps will let you test how users will interact with your app on the web, on their Mac, iPad, iPod and using their iPhone too.Indigo Studio is a pretty nifty (and free) place to get started, as it lets you storyboard, sketch designs, integrate UI elements and share your ideas with whoever you wish.

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When you’re creating an app in multiple programming languages, your project will often have to run between a number of staff in various teams. Apps such as CodeRunner have pre-set languages all setup and ready to go so you can run code, edit your project and customise templates as you so wish. If you’re feeling brave, you can also add your own languages too.


When you’re building an iOS app, data can often look boring and hard to understand. By adopting chart software, you can visualise your data in seconds – and in realtime too. ShinobiControls offer a fully customisable, interactive and animated tool for iOS charts, so you can create extensive charts straight from the box – saving you a job and a half.

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Whether you’re developing an app in-house or work in an app development agency where you will need to present your ideas to the client or to your management, any tools to aid your ‘big reveal’ will be welcomed with open arms. The Reflector app lets users showcase their iPad or iPhone display on a larger screen – i.e. Mac or PC. This is great for preventing ten people being huddled around a single iPhone to watch the app demonstration in action.


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  • Jenny,

    Your tips are awesome! Though I'm not. developer at the moment, I may venture into the creative process in a short while from now...

    Thanks a million for sharing...I'll remember these tips when I start.

    - Terungwa

  • Well, I am a mobile game app developer and I think this information is pretty useful for me in the future. I must remember these tools for developing Apple games.

  • Great tips for ios developers, your really did your home work very well for you to be able to come up with all this tips good jab

  • Hi Jenny,

    Great tools, most especially without understanding programming language it'll be more difficulty to handle any application let alone developing an app. Thanks for sahring

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    IOS development requires excellent programming skills in Objective C and the tools that you've mentioned are no doubt excellent platforms for developing IOS apps. Thanks for sharing the information .