Top 10 Traffic Generating Tips for New Bloggers

Do you know how you can boost and increase your blog traffic in no time? Traffic is must for any blog or website but it is difficult to attract huge traffic for most new bloggers. This post gives some surefire ways to increase your blog or website traffic. Here I discuss some possible steps, tips and techniques through which you can increase your blog traffic. There are so many blogs on web with very  good designs with decent and attractive template but still failing to attract huge traffic. Today I will tell you how you can get more traffic to your blog or site in just 10 steps!

1.  Write quality content!

Content is the first preference of every blog or site. Whenever you write an article for your blog, it must be quality proven and well written. Whatever you write it must be unique, interesting and attract your readers.

2.  Blog Commenting

Commenting is another sure way to drive huge traffic to your new blog. When you visit popular sites, you can comment on the particular site article to get backlink. Being the first to comment on their latest articles and leaving well written comments that add value to the articles will definitely work for you.

3.  Social Media Exposure

As we all know, social media has become a powerful platform to advertise and promote products and services online. Whenever you write an article on your blog and site, than you have to promote your article link on various social networking like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn etc. Building your subscriber base is a must because without social media plays a major role in the growth of any blog.

4.  Update Regularly

If you really want people to take your blog very seriously, you have to update your blog daily. Keep posting regularly and be a resource to others. You have to be consistent in your work and try to publish 3-4 articles or at least one post daily because through doing this, it engage the readers and keeps them coming back. It is necessary for a new blog

5.  Guest Blogging

This is one of the most powerful source to drive traffic to your blog. You can publish your post on different sites who have higher pagerank and good Alexa rank. In return they will give you a backlink which is important for your site and also referral traffic.

6.  Video Blogging

Video blogging is is often neglected by a lot of bloggers but this is wrong. Using videos within your posts has a lot of advantages when it comes to driving traffic. If the videos are on hosted Youtube or Vimeo,  going viral means an explosion in your blog traffic.

7.  Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the best way to get more traffic to your blog and website but many bloggers fail to optimize their blogs for search engines with excuses like I don’t know how it works. The cheapest source of traffic is search engines and for this reason, you should optimize your articles for search engines and also build quality backlinks for SEO.

8.  Blogging Contests

You can organize contests and offer giveaways to the winners. Giveaways has been proven to work efficiently in generating traffic. Of course, you have to spread the word about your giveaway and in this case, social media which has been mentioned above still comes into play.

9.  Forum Marketing

Another way to drive huge traffic for your blog is “Forum Marketing“. When you are marketing your blog content, make sure you’re not spamming in the spamming in the process and you have to make helpful posts and replies and people will visit your site/blog through the link in your signature.

10.  Be Consistent

Most bloggers start so well but along the line, you realize they stop being consistent. All the steps above won’t work without being consistent. Blogging regularly requires consistency and so does optimizing your articles for SEO. It’s not a once-and-for-all thing.

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  • Yes i like it so, most people depends on google for traffic, i mostly depends on other ways like blog commenting,article submission, social bookmarking sites etc..coz, the amount of traffic you gets depend on your dedication unlike search engine that have much competitors compared to you search engine optimisation knowledge. how you can retain and maximise the power status of your phone

  • I think, what you have mentioned in your post I have already tried earlier and the results is awesome. the focusing point is, 1. generate original content, 2. increase your site popularity online through backlinks.. rest are least and can do afterwards...

  • these are quality traffic generating tips but in the aspect of forums, does it mean that an aspiring successful blogger must have a forum? Because it is regarded as scam when posted on forums.

  • I did go through all the points, all are well written and nicely explained. Frankly speaking i was expecting at least a few new points, but did not find any as all of them are the same almost every where. I do follow your blog regularly but this time a random Google search bought me right here. A few points like write quality content, update regularly, social media exposure, blog commenting and update regularly were the best as i constantly try to do the same on my blog as well.

    Thanks & Keep the good work going


  • Hi Doncaprio. Nice list for traffic. Guest blogging and commenting are the most effective ways to bring traffic to your site. Thanks for sharing it. :)

  • Nice points.. I follow these regularly. Thanks for sharing. It's good point not only for newbies but for gurus as well...