Top 10 Free Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs)

A well built standard Gaming PC is not meant only to play just ordinary games. You can get the most out of your gaming PC by joining other hardcore addicted gamers online in playing massively multiplayer online games for FREE. Who doesn’t love open world games where you can basically choose what you want to do and interact with real people?  Online multiplayer games are not just meant for  fun, they teach teamwork, caution and competition.

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Before I start my list, these games are meant only to be played on modern gaming computers that have all the requirements and capabilities of a standard gaming PC, if you play on some other machine other than a gaming PC, you’re playing them at your own risk.

The top 10 MMORPGs are listed below.

1. Darkensang

Darkensang is a free online action RPG game that features amazing 3D effects. It is an epic story with numerous quests to finish.  To play Darkensang, you will have to battle with your fellow warriors as a valiant,  freedom fighter or a wise magical spell weaver.

To survive the deceitful dungeons of  Drakensang , players must  fight as one, gamers can also meet up in public gathering sites like military camps or cities to know each other, to formulate plans before marching  into battle and to take on challenges together across a gigantic range of landscapes through swamps, caves and forest. To check the mightiest hero among the gamers, they can test their mettle against each other in the PvP arena located in the capital of Kingshill.

2. Tales of Solaris

Developed by NGames – Tale of Solaris is a fantasy browser based MMORPG. To save the gamers world, players must chose from these six classes: the close combat tanks, the warrior, the mage who use focused high magical-damage attacks, the assassin who features very high attacks speed and dangerous hits, the priest, the sniper, long-ranger high-damage specialists that require cover to be effective, the wizard, and a highly effective healer. It takes place in a continent where magic and machinery coexists. You and the other players will create an organization even greater than the order of Morias which is the ruler of Solaris

3. Heroes & Generals

This is another free 3D MMOFPS developed by Roto-Moto based on areas of Europe during the World War II. No additional download is required, you only need to sign up and join the war. Generals are high ranking gamers who command many  assault teams.  After the assault team has been moved into target a mission is a green light “go” which allows registered players to join the mission. Players also have the ability to create their own quality and characters which include: paratrooper, tank crew, fighter pilot, rifleman, sniper and tank commander etc.

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4. Guns And Robots

Gun and Robots is MMMorp third person shooter,  it is an interesting and funny online arena battle where game players are provided with  mixture of exciting maps to explore and dominate, gamers can create robots from the beginning by combining more than 150 individual components. There are  wide range of crazy robots parts  which are made available to players such as crossbow gun locomotive threads. The gun and robots matches goes by a last man standing style of gameplay, where a team of 5 must destroy each other till no robot remain, players may choose to line up for “death match” race, and other game mods which engage in high level real time combat. Enter the Enter playground of destruction now at

5. Cyber Monster

This is another 3D fantasy browser MMO where Shadow Dragon spread evil all over the world by corrupting it and the role of players is to act as an Angel of Guardian to fight the Shadow Dragon, there are four different classes players can choose from, there are unique monsters that will battle with players, if these unique monsters were captured, it will be upgraded and battle alongside the player in turn based combat. Players can also participate in daily event for bonuses and prizes!

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6. Offensive Combat

Offensive Combat is a free to play 3D first person shooter (FPS) developed my U4iAGames. To hardcore gamers who enjoy internet humor, offensive combat aims to be just that –  offensive, gamers can modify their characters with crazy outfits to fight others with a large variety of hi-tech weapons and melee weapons,  there are four different game modes to battle with other online players, such as free for all, capture the flag, capture point and death match.

7. PlanetSide 2

Planetside 2 is a Windows OS based free Massively Multiplayer Online FPS game which delievers a great massive combat, published by Sony Entertainment online, it is a large epic battle among players who fight through a lots of landscapes both day and night,  gamers can customize their players, choose weapon attachments, clothe colors and vehicle abilities, it support not less than 2000 players in one battle all at the same time! Create an account now to download and enjoy a truly epic massive combat!

8. Alliance of Valiant Arms

Alliance of valiant arms is a free to play first person shooter online role playing game. In  A.V.A war brokn out in modern Europe between European Union and Neo Russian Federation, it was all started by EU forces in January 2011 when EU forces with troops from Germany, France, England and Northern Europe to start a never ending war by attacking NRF troop stationed in Poland, NRF didn’t ignore this and strike, strike and strike back till EU loss majorly. Now EU forces is supported by US troops ready for major counterattack against NRF. There lots of weapons you can enjoy, such as: rifle, grenades, snipers and point man, are you ready? Then create a new Aeria Games account if you haven’t got one, create your character, connect with friends and create a powerful clan online.

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9. Ghost Recon Online

Developed by Ubisoft, Ghost Recon Online 3D is a free to play tactical  third person shooter (MMOTPS). There are three different categories of ghosts, players can choose between Recon, Assault and Specialist. Each class gives bonus to team-mates who stick near them, players have the ability to customize their weapons and share intel with their team, they can also use high teach devices such as oracle detection system, camouflage and much more, as you’re playing the game you get the chance to unlock and purchase extra weapons.

10. Dead Frontier

Dead Frontier is an ultimate third person survival horror MMORPG, you just have to login  and start playing with thousand of real players just like you, no extra download is required, you only need to register and you will be playing with other players in the blink of eye.  You will only survive by battling with an army of infected zombies, there are over 100 real weapons to wield.

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When I first started this topic, I intended to list only 5 but the games just keeps coming in, as much as I want to include all popular and all relevant addictive MMORPGs, I can only put a full stop at ten – at least for now. More and more addicting free MMORPG games will be on the list real soon, to get it first hand then subscribe to our newsletter and we will notify you. In the mean time, why don’t you take some seconds to expand the list and include those games you love playing online (must be MMORPG, though) 🙂 Enjoy 🙂


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  • Thanks a lots Craig! for the wonderful comment, and I congratulate your son on his new gaming PC.
    from what you wrote here definitely you're one of the hardcore online gamers, top 5 above are easy to play MMORPGs you just need to log in and continue what you're doing - just as you want it

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  • This is really what I have been searching for, I just got my son his first new gaming PC , and I like to play multiplayer online games with him and yes I love 3D games, I want games that when we log in back me and my son can continue from where we left, like 2 players games. your lists are unique though there are some games here I have played already and I will surely check other games too.