Tips to Optimize Articles for Search Engines And Human Readers

As an online publisher in whatsoever field, chances are that you have heard the saying that “content is king.” This simply means that if you want people to be “reading you,” you will have to invest your time in writing quality contents. When writing this “quality content,” search engines are of course not left out especially when such contents are intended for publication on the internet.

Here we are discussing how to write good articles for human readers and for search engines. If you are ready then let’s set the ball on motion.

Keyword Research

Keyword research simply entails finding the right words to use in your article. This is a very important task to carry out in order not to bury your articles in the dark graves of search engines. Well if you are wondering what key words are, they are simply those phrases that people are likely to type into search boxes when looking for particular information. Oh yeah! You got that.

When planning to write your article, you are not to just work on your own assumption (i.e., what you would have typed into a search box). A good practice is to make a list of possible search terms and then use any keyword research tool to gather information about what others think about your search terms (i.e., if they are using same terms or not). Famous among keyword research tools is the giant Google adword tool.

How to Get the Best Results from Google Adword Tool.

We have mentioned above that the Google adword tool is a famous keyword research tool but you need to understand how it works to get the best results. When you visit the site you are presented with a complicated webpage, your focus should only be on the middle portion of that page. Good!

Now you will have to type in all your search terms in the field allocated for that. Hey, you may want to put a check on the box that says only shows ideas related to my keywords to avoid a useless (but at times useful) long list.

Fine! You did hit the search button and a list of keywords came up, some with very high searches and others with low search figures. Well do you go ahead to copy every keyword with high monthly searches? NO!

It is possible to load your article with keywords that have above 200,000,000 monthly searches and yet find your article on the 75th page of Google search results with that “awesome” keyword. So to be on a safer side, I often advise people to sort the keywords by competition (you will find that option on the site). Having done so, only pick those words that have low competition but high search figures.

Is Your Article Shiny?

Well formatted articles are not only visually friendly to humans but also search engine friendly. It is highly recommended that you make all your major keywords bold and apply text colour where necessary.

Break Your Work

A common mistake made by most writers is packing every content into a single paragraph and under one heading. This is a very wrong attitude to writing as no one wants to stress his or her eyes reading a long block of words for minutes. It is always a good practice to break your contents into reasonable paragraphs and also group your contents under specific headings.

Good luck!

Felix Silas is a blogger cum web developer. He is famous for writing rich articles. He writes for the blogging tutorials section of among others.

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