Surefire Ways To Double Your Blog’s Traffic


There are basically 2 things every blogger has in mind (apart from satisfying the needs of your readers), they are building a popular blog and to make money blogging. But there is one factor that plays a major role in building a successful blog and as well earn you a living which is your TRAFFIC.

From experience, I realized that most bloggers fail to generate the traffic their blogs deserve despite their quality blog contents simply because they fail to try out new ideas. There are a whole lot of endless opportunities and ways to generate thousands of traffic to your blog daily of which I will give out the best that have worked for me so far.

Below are the my most cherished traffic generation strategies every blogger must know if you wish to succeed online.

1. Aggressive Blogging

I recently performed an experiment on my blog for a period of 30 which I termed an Aggressive Blogging Challenge. In this self challenge, I made a vow to update my blog with 2 articles daily and watch what effect it would have on my blogs general traffic and earnings. The whole idea never made sense to me in the first 2 weeks because the traffic difference was quite minimal, but in the last 15 days, I saw a spike in traffic and this brought about a huge increase in Adsense earnings (about 80% increase in earnings). You can read How I Increased My Blog Traffic By 68% in 30 Days to learn the strategies I employed to achieve such a huge success.

This experiment left me to believe that Aggressive blogging is one sure way to boost a blogs traffic.

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2. Content Marketing

Let’s face it, no matter how informative your blog post is, it will lie in your archives dead unless you promote it. Content Marketing refers to the various techniques you can apply in order to expose your content to a wider audience. Some of the basic marketing strategies every blogger should have at the fingertip include,

  • Social Media Promotion: Everyone is on one social media network or the other, and it is a perfect place to market your content and get awesome results that you never expected. Major social media networks to try out are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn.
  • Blogging Communities: There are a whole lot of communities where fellow bloggers meet and share ideas, some of which include Bizsugar, BlogEngage etc. Becoming active in such groups can help boost your blog traffic to a reasonable extent.
  • Forums: Who says forums no longer drive traffic to blogs? One of my major sources of referral traffic still remains forums. If you can build up trust by finding solution to other forum members need, you links would be highly appreciated on such forums and in turn bring you traffic.

Content Marketing is one point that can never be overemphasized if you wish to increase your blog’s traffic.

3. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a major aspect every blogger should consider. Read SEO books and follow Case Studies by authorities in your Niche, this has really helped me build up my blog to about 50,000 ranking on Alexa. Learn basic On Page SEO strategies and you could start Guest Blogging (which would serve as Off-Page SEO) to compliment the former.

Search Engine Optimization not only improve your blog’s keyword rank position on Search pages which increases your traffic, but also improves your blog’s authority, PageRank, Page and Domain Authority which are points advertisers consider before approaching you.

Now Your Turn

Were you expecting more points to double your blog’s traffic? Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you because these are the 3 best techniques that can boost your blog traffic in a matter of days. Applying them is they key to a successful blogging career.

Feel free to add other strategies that work for you using the comment box below. Happy Blogging.


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