Still on Windows 7? This is Why You Should Upgrade to Windows 10

If you’re still on Windows 7 and you’ve already vowed not to upgrade to Windows 10, it’s probably because Microsoft broke everyone’s heart with Windows 8 and you’re still disappointed. Well, it’s understandable and no one is going to blame you, but should you really be stuck in the past? Is this not the right time to move on?

Windows 10 is here and it seems people love it. Microsoft tried as much as possible to make up for the sins committed with Windows 8 like the removal of our beloved start button. The world has already moved on and Windows 10 adoption rate proves this. Just two days after the OS was released, Microsoft said it was already installed on over 14 million devices. You can try to guess the count from then till now.

If you’re still using Windows 8.1 or earlier, these are reasons you should upgrade as soon as possible.

1. The start button and start menu

Windows 8 removed this and everyone went crazy. The start button came back with Windows 8.1 but you still have to go back to the start screen every time you click that button. Windows 10 has it now and it looks more like what everyone is used  to.

The only thing missing in the start menu is the search function but it’s located somewhere else. Cortana has it and it’ll only be redundant putting it here, I guess. It’s only a click away from here.

2. You now have a cute personal assistant

We all know how easy it is to get carried away while working on your computer. It you’ve been using Siri on your iPhone or Google Now on your Android device, you will definitely appreciate Cortana.

This personal assistant is a good reason to upgrade to Windows 10. From setting up reminders, finding quick information about weather to performing other tasks with voice command, Cortana definitely makes it easier working on Windows.

3. It feels like Windows XP + Windows 7 + Windows 8

Windows 10 user interface may look all new and shiny but there are things familiar about it. Getting used to Windows 8 wasn’t easy. Honestly, I had a hard time trying to shut down the computer for the first time.

Windows 10 seems to combine the best features from previous Microsoft operating systems. While it looks new, you won’t find it hard getting used to it.

4. Action Center

I’m sure you have a smartphone and that smartphone has a Notification center you can pull down by swiping down from the status bar. The Action Center on Windows 10 feels just like the Notification center on your smartphone.

Here you can access your notifications and previous important messages. There are also toggles and quick settings you can access easily.

5. Working efficiently with multiple desktops

This may not be particularly useful to everyone but people like me are definitely going to love this. Working on multiple desktops gives you an organized workspace and increases productivity.

Virtual desktops isn’t new. As a matter of fact, it was on WIndows XP as Virtual Desktop Manager which is offered as part of Windows XP PowerToys. However, it’s the first time Microsoft is offering this organization tool as a native feature on Windows.

6. Because you should try out Edge browser

At this point, I must confess I’m not ready to ditch Firefox yet after so many years of being together but the new Edge browser is a great improvement on Internet Explorer and it’s tempting. I find myself launching it more often than I used to open Internet Explorer.

A whole lot of new features has been added and if it supports password & tabs synchronization, I may consider using it. Did I mention the browser is a lot faster too?

7. It’s errrrrr… kinda free

Windows 10 is free and quite easy to install. We have a comprehensive guide on that in this article. However, you should note that it’s only free for one year and that’s even conditional. You must be running a genuine version of Windows 7 or later.

8. And there’s a whole lot of new features

Windows 10 comes with features you haven’t seen in previous versions of Windows. For example, it’s easier to create mobile hotspot from the settings. The Control Panel we’re used to is still there but the modern Settings app simplifies everything.

With the new features, it’s still pretty much easy to use. There are ugly things about Windows 10 that are still making some people stay away but the benefits are worth it.

This post was last modified on December 19, 2016 8:44 PM

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