Review: Leawo Music Recorder Lets You Locally Save Spotify Music

There are several legal music streaming sites and they all have one thing in common– you are only allowed to stream songs, locally saving them is usually off the list of features they offer. While some of these sites allow you to keep songs on your device to make them available when you’re offline, there’s a limit to things you can do with these offline music tracks. You can’t save a song to your phone from Spotify and then transfer such a song to your computer. You are still tied to that music app on that particular device to play that song.

Introducing Leawo Music Recorder

This is where having a good music recorder comes in. Several companies have come up with different solutions to this and I’ve had the chance to use one over these past couple of weeks. If you’re looking for a program to save songs from Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, or any other music streaming platform, Leawo Music Recorder might just be a perfect choice.

I’m using the macOS version of Leawo Music Recorder and from my experience, it works great. It doesn’t just save music from streaming platforms, the program helps in organizing your music library as well. With Leawo Music Recorder, you can get a better-looking music library as it helps add missing album arts, and manually editing music tags for better sorting.

How to use Leawo Music Recorder

With its very simple GUI, this program is quite easy to use. Even if you’ve never used a similar program for this purpose before, you should be able to get the hang of it in just a few seconds. Since I mainly use Spotify for music streaming, this guide will be focused on recording songs from Spotify.

1. Launch Leawo Music Recorder and allow all necessary permissions. The application needs certain permissions to function properly. This should be allowed for a smooth operation.

Note that your audio output device will be automatically changed to Leawo Audio Device once this app is running. With this change, you might only be able to control audio volume from the recording app.

2. Press the red record button on the app to start listening to audio input. Don’t worry, nothing will be recorded if no song is playing.

3. Launch Spotify and start playing music.

4. The program will now start capturing the song. While the song is playing in Spotify, it is advised not to pause or interrupt in order to have a smooth recording.

If you need more pointers, the official website has a guide on how to download audio from Tumblr and other platforms.

By default, all recorded music should have perfect album art and music tags. The software automatically fetches correct information and updates your tracks accordingly. In my experience, this worked almost every time.

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Other Features

As mentioned, this program also helps in organizing your music library with its array of extra features.

Album art fixer & music tags editor

Leawo Music Recorder comes with an album art fixer that automatically adds album arts to downloaded songs. It also adds all appropriate tags to help build the perfect music library. If your downloaded songs have missing or incorrect title, artist, album, year, or genre tag, you can manually edit these using this program.

Here is a concise tutorial on how to use the program to fix missing album art on downloaded songs.

Playlist builder

Leawo Music Recorder has the capability to be a functional music player with its playlist building feature. You can sort songs into playlists and organize your music library.

Move songs to iTunes

If you’re still using an older version of macOS with iTunes, there’s a feature to move songs to iTunes with just a click. However, I was unable to use this since Apple removed iTunes from macOS Catalina.

Proxy Settings

If you need to use HTTPS or SOCKS proxy with this program, there’s a section in the settings that allows proxy input. You can use a proxy for the program without necessarily changing your network settings system-wide.

Task Scheduler

With the scheduler feature, you can set a time to start recording and even instruct the computer to shut down when finished.

Microphone recording

Apart from recording audio streams, Leawo Music Recorder also takes input from your built-in or external microphone.

Worth the Price?

Leawo Music Recorder gives you the yearly license for $19.99 while the lifetime license costs only $29.99. With everything it offers, it is worth the price. However, it’s obvious that the lifetime license looks like the better deal.

Leawo Music Recorder Time-Limited Giveaway

For a limited time, you can get a free license of Leawo Music Recorder without paying a penny. The Easter giveaway ends on May 5th and you might want to take advantage of this. All you need to do is visit the giveaway page and enter a valid email to receive the license.

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