Micro Niche Blog Vs. Authority Blog: Which is more Profitable?

This topic is specifically created for people that know a thing or two about blogging. While a newbie might learn a thing or two from the article, it’s advised that you don’t get confused on where to start your blogging career after reading this article. The purpose of this article is to discuss two major type of blog that you can run as a blogger; the article will analyze micro niche blog and authority blog and will give you an insight on where to start.

What is micro niche blog?

A Micro niche blog is a blog created to discuss a particular topic, the blog discuss a very specific topic, and it does not digress on any other topic? The topic discussed on micro niche blog is not a broad one, for example a blog on “Animals” won’t be considered a micro niche blog, the same reason why a blog on “cats” would not be considered a micro niche blog, a perfect example of micro niche blog would be “female cat pregnancy” or “cat washing soap” or “cat breakfast meal” while my example might not be a reasonable topic, I believe it should give you an idea of what a micro niche blog is all about.

What is an Authority Blog?

An Authority blog is a blog that discuss a broad topic about a particular subject (Confused?) Such blog discuss a topic but from different perspective, it explores various aspect of the topic, it’s not restricted to an aspect of the topic but rather various branches of the topic being discussed. An example of an Authority blog is a blog on “How to make money online”, You would agree with me that there are numerous ways to make money online, such blog would discuss on all the various method that can be used to make money online, compared to a niche blog that would probably discuss “How to make money online from football betting on English Premier League” get the drift?

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Which is better?

I wouldn’t jump into conclusion and say one is better than the other, I would rather do my best to analyze them based on what I have learned over the years, and I will leave you to decide which is best for you, or rather the one you think is more profitable.

Authority Blogging

Building an authority blog is a bit of task, it takes time and it must be carefully done; on an authority blog, you’re expected to publish hundreds on article before it begins to gain recognition from search engine. Take note that it doesn’t become an authority blog until it becomes popular, this might take 3, 4, 5 years before it actually becomes an authority blog, during this period, you’re expected to publish regularly, work extensively on your SEO (search engine optimization), create a community of loyal readers and make a name for your blog in your chosen niche. The benefit of running an authority blog is that, you can focus your attention on a single blog, and you can digress a bit with your articles, especially when you hit the writer block, when writing becomes a bit difficult.

Micro Niche Blogging

It’s easy to set-up a micro niche blog, within three to four hours, it should be up and running. Creating contents on micro niche blog requires an in depth understanding of the topic you’re writing about, you’re expected to write extensively on that particular topic, your information must be accurate. While running a micro-niche blog does not requires you to write hundreds of articles on your blog (most micro-niche blog have an average of 10 pages), you’re expected to have a vast knowledge of keyword research, because that is what micro-niche blogging is all about, you’re expected to write on a niche that receives huge search and has a high CPC, while a newbie might find this to be an easy task, for someone that has been in the game for almost three years, I would boldly say that keyword research is the most difficult task for every blogger, the reason being that if you pick the wrong keyword, you’re on to a wrong start and you will probably give up, even before you start, because you will not receive any visitors to your blog.


Monetizing a micro-niche blog is either done through Google AdSense, or Affiliate Marketing. That’s all about monetizing a micro niche blog. There is a catch to the monetization issue though, when you use the same AdSense account on hundreds of blog, Google would notice that you’re up to something and that suspicion alone might cost you your AdSense account. On the other hand, monetizing an authority blog can be done through Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored post and Ads space sales, it’s also possible to lose your AdSense account on Authority blog, especially when you have high invalid clicks.


I have never run a micro-niche blog, (and I don’t intend to), but I have some friends that run several micro-niche blog (you’re expected to have tons of them) and they told me that the CPC is VERY high, I laid emphasis on thisbecause some niche may be as high as $30 per click, so if you get five (5) clicks per day, that’s around $150USD in just a day! That’s pretty cool right? Now imagine you have six to seven micro-niche blog that earns $150 per day, that’s close to a thousand dollar in just a day!!! I wouldn’t do anything else than creating micro-niche blog, I would try to create a thousand of them, with the knowledge that every day, I earn hundreds of thousand from them. But that’s almost impossible right? Because there is something called Google Panda! When Panda hits, micro-niche blogs tend to lose their spot on Google first page and they won’t earn a dime once that happens. Put into consideration the fact that, it takes them close to a month before getting to the first page after investing a considerable amount of money.

An Authority blog can be frustrating (writing from experience), you’re expected to publish as many relevant articles as you can, do the SEO amidst other not so interesting stuffs, and it’s easy to get discouraged when you run an authority blog, because for the first six (6) months, you would probably not make a dime! Coupled with the fact that your traffic will be the opposite value of your bounce rate (i.e. People would visit and leave your blog hurriedly which means high bounce rate). An entertainment blogger might be tempted to oppose my previous statement, but I would like to clarify that an entertainment blog is not in any way an authority blog (no pun intended!). The definition of an authority blog includes a blog with ever-green contents that keeps getting views after several years that it has been published.

Personal Note: I could have written more than 1,000 words but I wouldn’t want to bore you out, the article was originally created for a client of mine, but I decided to publish it on here(since I run a small Business Blog) because I want it under my belt (credited to me). I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it; I would like to read your comment on what you think about the two blog types. Have you try a micro-niche blog before? Is it profitable than authority blog?

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  • Hlo Augustus. I just discovered this post. My point of view, i prefer the Authority blog. Have been trying to create one for awhile now, bt it jst so frustratin. I will be glad if you can help me out

  • I have my mind on authority blogging, but to be honest, it can be quite frustrating! I just started tho, but I see great prospects in it( I mean authority blogging). Thanks all the same Augustus for the light shed.

    • Hi Daniel,
      Yeah, frustration is part of the deal too....lol, but always remember this two things: 1. Winners never quit, the same way, quitters never win, so no matter how difficult it gets, persistence is the key to success. 2. Remember that, someone somewhere is smiling when they read your blog post, simply because you've provided a solution for them and save them of their misery. Thanks for reading.

  • I believe Authority website is much more better than micro, it is not everyday google updates hit authority websites. but to be on the safe side. i normally would advice that you have micro niches sites as well.

    • Hello Frank,
      To be honest, I have learn a lot from the comments on this post, the idea of running Micro niche and authority blog seems cool. Thanks for reading.

    • The knowledge and skills required in running a blog is the same as that of running a blog, it's better to start early, because everyday new blogs keep springing up. Thanks for reading.

  • Hi Aug,

    There is one thing I personally believed; which is REPUTATION, when one is power s/he controls, authority blog control micro-niche from my end... Imagine tens of bloggers competing to serve as a guest blogger on doncaprio and that is to tell it readers that it has the so-called AUTHORITY and that is the more reason we all wanted to be featured in one way or the other. I love authority even outside blogging world... Authority blog is ever the best to me.

    • Hi Adedotun,
      Your insightful comment is always appreciated, it all boils down to reputaion, once an authority blog gets there, then the money starts coming in. Thanks for reading.

  • Hi Augustus,
    That was an extra ordinary article. You really described what's the difference between Micro niche and an Authority blog.
    Way to go. And you're forcing me to start a Micro niche one soon by showing it's possibilities. Thanks a lot.


    • Hey Amal.
      Micro Niche site can be very rewarding (provided you know how). Please start the Niche site and let's see how it goes. thanks for reading.

  • As for me i believe there are lots differences between micro Niche and Authority site but to answer the question asked by the author Authority site is more profitable but requires more work than micro Niche blog

    • You're on point Collins, Authority blog requires dedication, but it pays off at long run. Thanks for reading.

  • Hello Augustus,
    If you want to make serious money online, then you should consider a micro niche site. Niche site aim is to sell product to its readers and nothing more than that, but authority site is what you will have for long and gives you continuous stream of income even after you have closed down the niche site.

    Those who have a niche sites also have an authority site. so in my own opinion both goes and niche sites can give you more income to the one you're making :)

    • Hi Babs,
      I agree with you on the aim of niche site (i.e. Selling products), The idea of running a niche site and authority blog sounds nice too. Thanks for reading. Checking out your blog, and I would ensure i leave a comment too.

  • I prefer running niche blogs because I feel they are easier to set up and I can get the cash easily

    • I mentioned that in the post, it's easy to make fast money from micro niche blog (provided you know how). But if the famous panda hit, then the blog would be as good as nothing. Thanks for reading, and I appreciate your contribution.

  • Hey Augustus,
    I am newbie in blogging. I have a personal blog and as your article I think it is micro niche blog. Recently I am planning to open a new blog and definitely it will be an authority blog. Thanks for share!!

    • Hey Animesh,
      You don't have to start all over again, provided your domain name is not an exact keyword of the niche, you can re-brand your current blog into an authority blog. If you need help, let me know, I would be happy to point you into the right direction. Thanks for reading.