List of Must Have Software Programs For Computer Repair ToolKit

One day you may regret not having the right software toolkit when you run into a situation whereby you  find yourself stuck, completely out of options but to repair your personal computer with common software programs you’re supposed to have in the first place.  Since the day I   tried to remove screws with a nail and teeth,  I’ve known the importance of having the right tools at hand. These makeshift tools sometimes may work well, but hey! they are certainly not substitutes for good tools. Thinking of who should have the right tools? Well, it’s not really a burden of technicians or engineers only, every individual needs to have little computer first aid box available just in case of an emergency when an engineer or computer guru is not available. But for an engineer who’s  involved in repairing computers with the right tools, you may tend to rip out a lot less hair and your work will be more perfect than working with makeshift tools. In this post, I’m going to discuss some basics and useful software tools that no computer user should be without.

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Over the years I’ve loved working with software than hardware. Software tools are easy to use, you can repair many computers at the same time which is never possible with hardware repair.  But without having the right software programs at hand, it can be a waste of efforts. Also, you should note that it’s not possible to fix a hardware problem with software programs so you should know when to apply them.  Below is a  list of programs that serve as First Aid to repair a computer.


Sometimes to know hard drives status reduce one’s troubleshooting efforts. CrystalDiskInfo is an open source program that scrutinizes and alerts you about your hard drive health, temperature and lets you know if the ailing drive is reaching the end of its life.

Partition Magic

This enables modification and creation of drive partition, any existing partition can be re-sized without any loss of data, can also copy and move partition to other disks, it is a very handy software that most professionals can’t really do without.

ERD Commander

First step in repairing any Computer errors is to verify that the settings of the Computer. ERD Commander software allows you to boot up the victim computer from a CD into a look-alike Windows Operating System, this means you can modify start up status, edit registry, view logs, devices and services. This is done by completely bypassing any security or block available on the normal Operating System.

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Registry Mechanic

Majority of Window errors are caused by junks left behind by uninstalled programs, this makes Window registry messed up and as long as Window registry is awry, your Computer may start to behave in an unpredicted manner and start to malfunction. This is what Registry mechanic is for: To scan registry and find errors. Having this kind of software in your troubleshooting toolkit cab be a great help, DiskCheckup also works pretty good.

Antivirus Software

Sometimes you may run into a situation where you’ll have to repair a computer infected by Virus and  having a good Antivirus program can save the day. The importance of having a strong, regularly updated antivirus program cannot be overemphasized. I do personally recommend BitDefender Antivirus Plus.

IOBit Toolbox

In some cases a corrupt program might be causing the whole issue t and the crazy thing is that normal uninstallation of such programs is a wild goose chase. This is where this kind of software comes in to remove stubborn applications from your computer. IOBit Toolbox does a more complete job of cleaning up programs without leaving any junks behind and besides it comes with “force uninstall to deal with stubborn program. Revo Uninstaller also does this pretty well.

Other Useful Troubleshooting ToolKit

  1. Hiren’s Boot CD
  2. Norton Ghost
  3. GoBack3
  4. Window 7, XP, and 8 CD or DVD

Look, if  I have to list all the common Computer repair tool kits, many pages will have to be added and we still won’t be able to cover them all. Why don’t you suggest and tell us about your own computer tool kit you personally make use of  using the comment box below?

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