10 Killer Steps to Drive Huge Traffic to your Blog

The basic need of all blogs to is earn or to increase their page rank and at the same time, increase their traffic. Without driving traffic to a blog, earning from the blog and gaining popularity/authority is almost impossible. So, here in this post I am going to discuss the ways to increasing traffic to your blog in these easy steps.

It is easy to start a blog but it is hard to effectively drive traffic to it. The key to a successful blog is huge traffic with loyal readers. So, how do you increase traffic to your blog? Here are the methods to do it:

1.    Regularity in work:

Post regularly to gain loyal readers and drive traffic to your blog. Regularity is must for a successful blogging career and hard work is the key to success. I’m not saying you should work too hard, I always suggest people should enjoy their work and think blogging as fun.

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2.“Quality is the King”

The posts that you publish must be quality content, this helps in providing a good impression about your blog to visitors and helps in building loyal readers who will always come back. Prevent grammatical mistakes in your posts. Be sure that the presentation of your articles is always perfect.

3.    Upload Youtube Videos In the Post

Embedding Youtube videos you uploaded within your posts can get you traffic from Youtube. As you may know already, you can also earn through Youtube so, apart from driving traffic from the world’s largest video website, you can as well earn from it.

4.    Comment on Popular blog: Comment luv blogs

Comment on commentluv enabled blogs as a link is left on these websites that may help in increasing your website traffic by some amount. Also, this helps in building links to your articles which is good for search engine optimization.

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5.    Guest Post

I almost forgot to mention the best method of increasing traffic to your blog. Yes, you are right it is guest posting. Guest post for highly reputed websites as this will surely increase your traffic as well as page rank. This helps in building links with other websites as well.

6. Attractive blog Design

The presentation of a website is responsible for increase or decrease of traffic to a blog. Always keep your website well maintained with professional looking themes, useful widgets and plugins.

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7.    Share website on Social Networks

This is a really very important step in gaining a huge amount of traffic. Make a facebook fan page of your website and increase your fans. Similarly, connect your blog to twitter, Google+, dig, tumblr etc. This will provide a huge boost to your traffic in just few time.

8.    Submit Your blog To blog directories

Submit your blog to the blog directories like bloggers, bloglog etc. This will help in increasing your traffic by huge amount as you get interacts with other blogger’s through these websites. Also, blogging communities like BlogEngage can be of help and at the same time, paid submissions to reputable directories should be considered. This will help in building your regular visitors.

9.    Mobilize your blog

Your blog should be mobile friendly since quite a huge number of  internet users are mobile. A mobile friendly website encourages mobile users to visit and also, this can be a great way of optimizing your site for mobile search.

10.    SEO

This is the main aspect that plays a vital role in increasing the traffic to your blog. Your posts must be SEO friendly; it must be of perfect length with the right keywords used strategically. Search engine optimization is the best part of increasing traffic to your post. This also helps in increasing your page rank and thus if page rank increases, it means that your traffic increases by huge amount.

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Guest posting is best method of getting traffic and backlinks to your website through high reputed websites and above all, be sure your link building strategy is natural.

If all above steps are taken into consideration, then it would be really very easy for you to increase traffic to your blog.

I hope you liked the post . Was it interesting? Your comment is welcome. 🙂

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  • What a great post that has great content, thanx for sharing,i will surely uses these techniques to my new blog.

  • Thank you in advance for this article. There is many ways to increase blog ranking a traffic. But all are not safe. In this article you've written some tips that really helpful. Here is my simple trick, just keep updating your blog regularly, update your blog minimum one time each day with quality content. You'll get huge traffic from search engines for your contents. now what next ? hmm. I'll suggest everybody personally to comment on high pr relevant blog articles. Comment on your relevant blogs daily. Um not saying that ignore other ways, I just want to say make daily 5 or 6 approve comment from high pr relevant blogs. These relevant backlinks should help you 60% to increase your blog ranking and your quality contents should helps you getting huge traffic.