Introduction to Top Five Cloud Computing Security Issues

One of the most and frequently talked about aspects of the IT industry is in relation to cloud computing. It has grown from just mere terms to take its place as the leading segment within this industry. Cloud computing allows users to execute and operate software applications which is stored on the internet. Lots of people refer to the Internet as the “the cloud”, and in plain terms, Cloud Computing is simply “Internet-based Computing”, where data, shared resources, software and information are provided to computers through the internet on-demand.

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The negligible costs involved within cloud computing segment, means that several companies have been able to enjoy greatly in terms of profits. However, the monetary gains accruing from cloud computing has not been unable to hide the fact that there are sufficient security risks associated with it.

There five security issues which are considered to be the most threatening to work within this kind of an environment. The top five security issues within this section include:-

  1. The perception that security systems are infallible
  2. The need for understanding cloud computing risks
  3. Relationship between cloud computing companies and security issues
  4. Legal factors in play in terms of where data is held
  5. Best practices for Cloud Computing companies

The Top Five Cloud Computing Security Issues

a)     The perception that security systems are infallible

It has been stated on numerous occasions that just when you think your system is most secure, you are then proved wrong. Some of the players within this industry had stated and guaranteed that the security of companies involved in this industry is much better compared to others. However, in the recent days there has emerged enough proof that this perception is quite wrong. An example is the recent collapse of Google service in Europe.

It has been claimed by analysts with a very keen eye in cloud computing, that hundreds of cyber rooks have been attracted to this industry. The reason behind this attraction is because of the huge amount of sensitive data that is available as a result of cloud computing.

b)    The need for understanding cloud computing risks

Just as is the case within almost every single industry, cloud computing has also presented numerous risks to people within this industry. As long as people do not understand the risks associated or presented to companies offering their services in cloud computing, they stand to suffer greatly from this. Some of these risks include the fact that data can always be breached. Customers are advised to be stringent and very watchful.

c)    Relationship between cloud computing companies and security issues

As software gets changed by cloud computing companies from time to time, it is quite obvious that security issues get raised. While software ought to improve security issues and features, the truth is that most times, this is not the case. Security issues raised in this regard mostly affect the customers who share quite sensitive information.

d)    Legal factors in play in terms of where data is held

Different countries have different legal interpretations in regard to what is legal or not legal. This means that it is always important to take into account the jurisdiction. The country where a customer’s information or data is held, may be one in which the information is not secure at all.

e)    Best practices for Cloud Computing companies

The customer whose information has been given to any of the many cloud computing companies has to realize that he has a very important part to play in regard to security issues. The customer needs to learn and be informed on the best practices for companies involved within cloud computing.

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  • I prefer a having a device to encrypt before syncing to the cloud. It's all so easy and gives me rest of mind. There are security risks as pointed out but I try not to worry about them.

  • So would you suggest using an encryption software installed on my local computer or device to encrypt the data before I upload it to the cloud?

  • Thanks for sharing this excellent post IIya. I like how you have highlighted the security issues in simple words. But with advanced technology and the business data being stored on high-tech servers with the state-of-the-art facilities, we could worry less.

    Plus with cloud computing it’s become so easy to access data anywhere, anytime.

  • Excellent article!
    Very well and simply explained.Each of these points is important for realistic information

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  • Cloud computing is the idea that most programs and services should be accusable over the internet. this is helpful because it makes it possible to do work on any computer and because it makes it easier to get access to more programs. This is because which programs you can access no longer depends on your operating system.