iMobie AnyTrans Review: The Best iPhone Management Tool Till Date

Talk about iOS management programs, I’ve used quite a number of them. While many offer just a little more than what you get from iTunes, the few others put powerful tools in the palm of your hand. Managing an iPhone using a Windows PC isn’t particularly convenient as there are limitations. Restrictions of iOS itself get carried over to iTunes, and the freedom to effectively do whatever you want with your device isn’t really there.

Introducing iMobie AnyTrans

iMobie AnyTrans is quite unlike any iOS device manager I’ve ever used. Yes, I’ve reviewed quite a number of them on this blog but this is different. Some exclusive features set it apart from the rest. It should be described as the most complete iOS file manager ever.

As with most software programs designed to replace iTunes, AnyTrans manages your music, videos, photos, contacts, messages and files.

Music management

AnyTrans offers complete music management. It lets you add more music to your library, create playlists and edit existing ones, transfer music from your iPhone directly to another iOS device, export music from your iPhone to PC and more.

You can as well send created playlists straight to iTunes. Apart from managing music files, AnyTrans takes care of other audio files too. You can easily create ringtones from your MP3 files instead of buying from the store. You can as well add, remove or transfer audio books and voice memos.

Videos & photos management

Organizing your photos and videos has never been easier. With the asset of tools loaded into this program, the freedom to do exactly what you want with your media files is exactly what you get.

Transfer media files between devices connected to your PC, export to your PC, add, remove and send to iTunes as you wish.

Transfer games and app data between devices

If you own more than one iOS devices, you should already know that iTunes will never allow you do this. However, AnyTrans breaks the boundaries and lets you transfer app data between devices. You can transfer game progress between different iOS devices.

You only need to keep both devices connected to your PC to pull this off.

Other features

There are several other things you can do with iMobie AnyTrans:

  • Managing and transferring Safari bookmarks and history
  • Contacts and messages management (backup & import)
  • Calendar organization
  • iCloud management
  • Flash storage

You can as well manage your iBooks, notes, iTunes U, voicemail and podcasts.


Before purchasing, you can try out the software for free. Purchasing a personal license only costs $39.99, a family license goes for $59.99. Is it worth the money? The clear answer to that is a ‘yes.’ Download iMobie AnyTrans for free.

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