How to Vary Your Anchor Text to Increase Google Search Rankings

If you’ve been in the game for the past couple of years you have probably noticed a lot of talk about Google updates and how everyone’s website is being kicked out of Google, and the sky is falling. Although not everyone has been effected directly from some of the updates, but I am an active member of a few online marketing forums and some people are having some serious concerns.

Chances are if you own multiple websites or have in the past year you might have noticed at least 1 of your websites rankings going all over the place. It’s completely normal for a website or blog to bounce around and traffic numbers will vary, but I’m talking about getting thousands of visitors per day, then changing to maybe a hundred…or less. For some people this is a serious concern, and for others they have been lucky enough to either benefit or not be affected at all.

Artificial Link Building

I believe that one of the big reasons why these sites are ranking in the bottom of the serps is because of their anchor text. The content is great usually, but the link building is fake. A lot of people who build links to their websites use the same old anchors over and over again, if you actually think about it, its pretty easy to spot when someone is trying to gain the system. Let’s face it, Google is not stupid, they know that you use Ezine articles to build links to rank for your Fitness blog, or they know that those single in-content links from article directories are made by you. I feel that the general approach to ranking a website needs to be changed, at least when it comes to anchor text.

If you are artificially building links to your site and spamming the same anchors over and over again then you will probably get hit, or have already been hit. Gone are the ways of artificial link building, and now we need to get back to the natural process.

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Creating a Natural Link Structure to Your Site

In order to create a natural link structure to our blogs we need to focus on what naturally happens in the timeline of a website. So when a site is first made, it usually has little content, no links, and barely any visitors. This is normal and every blogs begins this way. So what happens next? It starts to get a few links, maybe some social activity, some visits from twitter, facebook, and you start writing your blog posts of course.

A month later and a little bit more links come, more visitors, different types of links will start building. Two months later you might start getting some authority links, and traffic will be increasing even more. The whole point I’m trying to make here is that a site grows exponentially overtime. This is the natural way a site will grow in the serps, and Google knows that. Sending 15Ezine article links to your blog in the first month is not natural, in-fact I would maybe send 1 or 2.

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How Do We Naturally Vary Our Anchor Text?

Creating a naturally link structure is very far out from what most SEO specialists will recommend, but you know what? It works. If you want to rank for the term “Blogging For Money”, you only need 1-3 links with that anchor text and a few variations. The rest will be completely random. You want to be building links that normal “bloggers” would do. For example:

  • Click Here
  • This Blog
  • www.(blogurl).com
  • (name of blog)
  • Your name
  • Long-tail variation of your main keyword

These are all things normal bloggers will do, and when people artificially try to rank a website they forget that. You need to build these kinds of links if you want your blog to still be alive in a year or two. If it means it takes longer to rank, so be it, it’s the long term that’s really important.

Social Links Are Important Too

The last thing I really want to touch up on is the importance of social links. It’s best to make a twitter account, a Facebook page, and a Google plus account for your blog. Promote your stuff and get active with others. This is a very effective way to get traffic, get readers, promote, and get natural links to your blog. I’ve just recently being getting into Google Plus and it’s doing wonders for my business, it is a GREAT promotional tool.

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When Google sees that other people like, and link to your stuff it’s a veryyyy good sign.

A Final Word

For those of you who are used to the traditional way of link building you don’t need to change everything at once. Just slowly start incorporation social links, using naturally anchor texts, and you should be fine. If you do this you will be years ahead of the competition.

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  • Yes you said it right. I have noticed many top edge website e.g. news portal is ranking for "click here" anchor text. When I review the website closer I come to know that they are getting many internal links from the text "click here". If they change the internal linking structure to proper keyword then it will automatically increase their online visibility. A search engine might be having trouble while crawling these kind of website due to their linking structure. The proper anchor text is must for search engine ranking.

  • Natural link building is the only safe way to promote the website . IT is true that it takes long time to get high rank on the search engine through natureal link building but it is the only safe way to to get high rank .
    I would suggest to all to use natural link building method to get high rank .
    Thanks for sharing good information.
    Best reagrds,

  • Wonderful post Robin. You've provided some great tips here that are worth considering.
    'Google is not stupid, they know that you use Ezine articles to build links' and 'Sending 15 Ezine article links to your blog in the first month is not natural'. These are the best phrases people should take note of. Link building has to flow naturally. Building 200 links in the first month and 20 links the second shows no consistency in your link building campaign. It's better breaking it down. Also, varying the keywords in the anchor text is also very important.

    Keep the good work Robin.

  • You have written like a seo expert , natural looking links is the best now for a better rank in google and bing

  • Thanks those are really great tips. My site is new and I am looking for any tips that may help, but how do you get social links? Or people to like your page on Facebook or Google plus? My site has virtually no traffic and I have some friends who will like my posts on social network, but it's not growing at all. I mean the fan page is limited to my friend circle? Weird right? I can't even get others to like my page. Forums and discussion boards would ban me if I ask them to like my page! It's considered spamming!

  • anchor text is the best way to lift up the search engine rankings for the desired keyword of the blog.these are the most important aspects of search engine optimization.

  • Some people fail to realize that blog popularity does not happen overnight. It takes time to build readership and following. Google can detect unnatural activities using different indicators and algorithms.

  • Hi Robin!
    Thank you for sahring safe link building. It is most essential that, we have to focus our blogging with quality features. Link builsing is the endless process, so that forget to earn thousands of backlink in overnight.
    After introducing the Google Panda, its becoming nightmare for bloggers. Do not hurry ! There are some simple ways to overcome from thig challeng. Write high quality content, it helps to solve your halfs of the problem.