How to Improve your Writing Skills as a Blogger for more Traffic- Top 20 Tips!

As we all know, writing quality articles on a blog is one of the most important things a blogger must strive to achieve all the time and this is why improving writing skills is very important for a blogger.  If you are a blogger and have a great knowledge about your blog’s topic but having poor writing skills and you want to improve it, you are at right place because today, I am going to write on a very interesting topic: How to Improve your Writing Skills as a Blogger- Top 20 Tips!. In this article you will find some awesome tips to write a wonderful blog post.

I am sure that by following these tips you can surely write a wonderful article because I am also following these tips. So, continue  reading.

1. The first and the most important step is that always start your article with an interesting way.

  • Give a brief introduction to your article.
  • Describe what you are going to write.

2. Give proper headings to your points.

  • Use H1, H2, H3 etc. tags properly.
  • Give meaningful and attractive headings related to your content.

3. Always write related to your topic and avoid the unnecessary points which are totally unrelated to your topic.

4. Prefer points instead of big paragraphs.

  • If you want to write in paragraphs, then always write 2 to 5 lines in one paragraph.

5. Don’t be too serious about your topic.

  • Add some little jokes in your content.

6. Describe your each and every point properly.

7. Do questioning.

  • It is an interesting way to get readers engagement.

8. Try to write your post in structure like:

  • Introduction
  • Specification
  • Features-
  • Last Words or The End-

9. Check your spelling and grammar mistakes because readers hate wrong spellings and lines without any meaning.

  • In the end always check your spelling and grammar mistakes.

10. Never forget to do important keywords bold and italic.

  • Bold and Italic shows that the point is important.
  • It is also good for SEO.

11. Use simple language.

  • Always use simple language which is understandable to your readers.

12. Write original content.

  • Never publish copied content because people can check your content through online duplicate content checker tools.

13. Always write true information about your topic.

  • Because your reader can be more experienced in that topic that than you are.

14. Do not add broken links in your article.

  • They can also harm your whole blog or website.

15. Add other related links of your website in your article.

  • This can increase your traffic also.
  • This will also help your readers to know about your other content.

16. You can take guidance from other senior and experienced blogger if you know anyone.

  • Your senior bloggers can tell you your mistakes.

17. Never add broken links in your article.

  • This can take your audience away from you.

18. Never publish your article in hurry as it can damage your writing skills.

  • You can draft your post and can edit it later.
  • You can also hire an author for your website if you have enough money for it.

19. You should add some beautiful pictures and videos related to your article.

  • Because sometimes pictures and videos can say more than your content.

20. Last but not the least

That’s it.

Now start writing beautiful content for your blog for huge traffic by following these tips. Cheers!


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