How to Generate Endless Ideas for Blog Posts

Content marketing is believed to be the most extensively used marketing tool today. Though it is focused not on selling, but on communicating with customers, most people would agree that indirectly it is a highly effective sales generating method. Delivering useful information to your prospective buyers creates a sense of gratitude and connection, so naturally customers will want to return.

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Blogging is a super-effective way to market your content online, but it may not always be easy to come up with new interesting ideas for the posts. However, you are very likely to succeed if you take these 3 effective factors into consideration:

  1. Always do a thorough research when you pick your ideas. You must know what topic can be effective for readers, how well it has already been addressed and what it can add to the knowledge of your readers.
  2. Ask yourself a question about any idea that comes to your mind. Identify its pros and cons.
  3. Figure out how to handle and address a controversy. Go generic, but make a sensible statement in your blog if you are specifically targeting certain subjects.

Best 6 tools to get post ideas

What is more, you don’t have to do all the hard work on your own. The Internet is full of tools, which will help you generate ideas in no time. Here’s a selection of the best six tools to generate ideas for blogging:

Google AdWords

A blogger can make the best use of Google AdWords as it is free. It can tell you accurately how many times a particular keyword is searched on Google. This is the simplest way to find out what daily readers or visitors of Google are searching for. This is how you can define your topic for blog and write an impressive piece which can receive high acceptance of internet users. You can also decide your objective regarding target readers with this tool and observe the number of readers in a particular region for a specific keyword.


Quora is a question answer website. It gives readers a chance to get the best answers to their questions from experts. You can generate an idea by analyzing what kind of questions your readers usually ask and what are they actually searching for on the internet. You may develop a blog post on the basis of this search and attract a wide number of blog readers for your post. This website is the best if you are dealing with business related topics.

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Tweet Chats

On ‘Tweet Chats’ people from all over the world discuss various topics, which may be related to current affairs or social issues. This is a new way of socializing through chats and discussing ideas. You can get help from tweet chats by searching the most debatable or discussed topic over chats.

National News Papers & Magazines Stories

Reading newspaper headlines, reading about current affairs and social issues in a magazine, is also a way deliver great material. This way, you can have a highly informative piece of writing. Addressing current affairs and mentioning authentic opinions makes a blog post more credible.

SEO Book

You may not be aware of it, but there is a nifty idea-generating tool for SEO writers called SEO Book. You can get an idea for your topic and get into depth to find out the ideas for different keywords. This tool provides premium as well as free services to the bloggers.


If you want to go across a variety of social channels Topsy is the best tool. It will get you directly to the insights of the topic you are searching for. You can have results for videos, posts and photos on Topsy on the topic or keyword you desire to highlight in your blog post. Topsy’s RSS alerts make the searching process more convenient.

Getting the right topic for your blog post can get you more traffic and, consequently, more customers. Though generating ideas can be difficult there are many online tools, which can lift this burden off your shoulders. Just remember not to become too dependent on them and to continue looking for ways of generating brilliant ideas on your own.


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