How Technology May Influence Job Recruitment in 2016

Finding a job is never easy but then, doing a few things right might go a long way in helping you secure one in the shortest possible time. A stitch in time saves nine. Prudent job seekers got this saying and are ready to find out top 9 job search predictions for 2016. Take into account the following facts and wait for the promising 2016 job seeking season.

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1. Creating Virtual Relationships

According to Jobvite survey by the end of 2014 more than 70% hirers had applied to the help of social networking in order to find competitive employees. Therefore, take an advantage of this tendency! Create an outstanding and catchy profile ready to draw your potential employer’s attention. More and more job seekers apply to Resume Writing Lab for LinkedIn profile, because they know that this tool is really effective.

So, is your LinkedIn® account ready to be presented or has to be fixed?

2. Outstanding Resumes Are Still Required

Times are changing but resume stays on the wave and is the most substantial tool helping hirers to find out the most important issues about applicants. Some job hunters underestimate the importance of this paper and are completely wrong. Flawless resume increases your chances of being noticed and highly appreciated.

3. Young Generations or Generation Y Rule

Generation Y or millennials are going to take leadership positions. Millennials are usually considered to apply to individuals that met a century at a young age. The latest surveys have shown that 27% of millennials are managers, with 5% of them in senior management and 2% working as executives. Such tendency will remain the same either in 2016 or in 2026.

Who knows what impact this tendency? Millennials’ ambitions and modern awareness or hirers’ decision to reorganize working process? Still, young graduates will likely have more chances to get a tidbit.

4. Benefits of Technological Process in Use

It seems like technological process has penetrated into every sphere of our life. Hirers started using all benefits of technological process from posting jobs on the Internet till looking for promising employees ibid. It facilitates job seeking process and helps to save precious time. Smartphones replace endless paper work that bothers every businessman. Why don’t you follow this example and up-grade your device?

5. Importance of Outsourced Talent Increase

In 2016 consultants, freelancers, outside providers, and contractors will more likely be in demand than ever. If you always want to try one of these independent positions, this year is a great chance to do it. In a year job market will be ready to offer you a great variety of aforementioned positions. Don’t lose your chance.

6. Expressing Yourself via Blogging

Blogging is not only about sharing your beauty staff and must have purchases. With the help of blogs job hunters can share their business ideas, post their thoughts related to particular issue and build up an objective picture of their skills, qualities, working experience and academic achievements.

Moreover, by using keywords that hirers are usually looking for, job seekers will attract their attention and be noticed as Google automatically shows articles containing most of keywords.

7. Tendency of Passive Recruitment

Even if you are already occupying your dream position, you still have chance to work in the better place. In 2016 hirers will be checking every person who matches their requirements no matter is he or she applying for a job. It means that your resume has to be ready any time and it has to be flawless as any moment you can get a tempting offer that requires your ‘yes’ and your resume.

8. Applying to Job Seeking Professionals

In 2016 job hunters will likely to apply for a professional help in order to succeed in job seeking process. Company research, social media networking, and relationship management services will offer their professional attendances to applicants.

9. Using Video Recruitment

2016 is going to be a year of video recruitment. It means that video resume will partly replace a paper one. This way beside your work experience and academic achievements job hunters will get a chance to impress their potential employers with their outstanding personalities. These video resumes must be downloaded to LinkedIn® profile.

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  • "Who knows what impact this tendency: millennials’ ambitions and modern awareness or hirers’ decision to reorganize working process."

    That's terrible. You should make it grammatically correct like this:
    Who knows what impacts this tendency? Is it millennials' ambitions and modern awareness driving this, or is it hirers' decisions to reorganize their working process?

    Please get someone to proofread articles before you embarrass yourself like this again.