How To Make Your Blog Load Faster

Have you ever wondered why your blog has a high bounce rate? A “bounce visit” simply means a single page visit and this might be injurious to the growth and popularity of a blog. Are you asking what the heck bounce rate means? Bounce rate is calculated as the percentage of single page visits in relation to the total number of visits.

When your blog takes too long to load, visitors might be discouraged from proceeding and decide to close the tab. I often do that especially when I’m on a slow connection. When building a blog, a lot of things must be put into consideration and this includes visitors on slow connections. You might think everything is alright if you’re on a pretty fast LAN connection but try to load your blog using a slow dial-up connection before concluding.
Several things things can contribute to a high bounce rate ranging from low quality contents to lack of internal links and so on but excessively long page load time is one of the major contributors.

To reduce page load time:

1. Be sure you don’t use too much javascripts on external servers. Scripts place on a slow external server will definitely increase your blog’s page load time.

2. Images quite make a blog look attractive but the size and resolution must be moderate.

3. You should realize that you can’t use all the available blogger widgets, select only the important ones.

4. Always check your blog in all popular web browsers after every change you make.

5. If you’re using a custom blogger template, you can upload those images used in styling the template in a blog draft post and replace the links in the template. Some are some are uuploaded on external servers like tinypic and the rest of them. Check your template and change them if you can.

6. Always check your google analytics account to know when you have a problem with bounce visits.

With these little tips, your blog will surely load faster. Share this post if it helps and please subscribe to our feed.

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