How Many Blogs Should You Have to Make Money Online?

I asked myself this same question about two years ago and found the answer… an answer that was right and of immense benefit for me today. As a blogger, you probably have loads of ideas up there in your smart little head and think the best thing to do is to create a chain of blogs where you can spit what you have inside of you. I was just like that but things turned out differently. Now, let me tell you a little story about my short blogging career so far.

The story of my life

In 2009, I launched my first blog and it was all about online privacy, proxy tools, VPN software programs and a bit of PC tips. It was doing well for a while and I did get lots of targeted traffic from countries with heavy censorship but a time came when I told myself I had to expand my cyber territory. I created a second blog based on blogger tricks and blogging tips and then a third blog on mobile gadgets and general technology. I had three blogs but you know what? I realized I was having a hard time trying to maintain them.

It was rather stressful for me trying to cope with blogging and other things I had to do offline and sometimes, I left the blogs unattended to. My mind kept telling me I had to do something, I knew what I had to do but was very reluctant to do it.

It’s alright to have as many blogs as you want but I think you need to consider a lot of things before deciding to start another blog just for the fun of it. Making money online through blogging doesn’t depend on the number of blogs you have, it’s more dependent on how successful those blogs are. Have you ever considered the fact that someone with just one blog can be making more money than another fellow with ten blogs?

How busy are you?

Before creating blogs you may never be able to maintain, you should put the time you spend online into consideration. If you’re the busy type that’s still coping with studies or a hard job offline, having loads of blogs is probably a bad idea. The time on your hands should be the main determinant. I mean, what’s the point in creating a blog you don’t have enough time to update? A blog you don’t even have enough time to drive traffic to efectively?

Are you actually ready for another blog?

You started blogging just a little while ago and you think you’ve gathered enough experience to manage lots of blogs? You may have to think again and ask yourself if you’re actually ready. How the hell are you gonna optimize and build backlinks for all those blogs at once and make sure they’re not sitting at the bottom of SERP?

The bitter truth

It’s better to have one popular and highly successful blog than ten unsuccessful ones. That’s what prompted me to delete my two other blogs and focus just on this. It was hard, deleting months of hardwork but it was a decision I took. There were topics on the two other blogs that were a bit related to this blog and I decided to import those few topics… I deleted those two blogs in one night and focused all my energy, time and everything on the last one standing.


It’s not the number of blogs you have that determines how much money you make online, it’s rather the number of successful blogs you have even if it’s only one. Focusing your energy on the number of blogs you can effectively manage is a lot better than distributing that limited energy and time over lots of blogs that may never grow because so little is put into them. I focused everything I had on one blog and I think you know the rest of the story. And if you think you’re doing bad in a niche, there’s nothing wrong with trying something else that’s gonna work for you.

Of course, I can’t tell you how to manage your blogging carreer and what worked for me may not work for everyone, I just think this can be a little piece of advice that may be of use to some one out there. If you must create another blog, be sure the first one is mature enough to stand the busy times ahead.

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  • Otiga

    Nice write up Don Caprio, but that’s not the reason i’m here. i’ve missed you on Facbook, when are u coming back?

    • Don Caprio

      Thanks for the compliment, bro. Missed you and other guys at Bloggers Lab too, just deactivated my FB account for a while. Should be back in two weeks or less. 🙂

  • ebimablog

    Totally correct Don,Its not how far that matters but how well.As you have said having only one great blog is far better than mutiple blog that you find difficult to manage,but if you have all the time to yourself you can venture into mutiple ones

    Thanks for the post bro

  • bbrian017

    If you can’t make money with one I’m sure you won’t be able to make money with 5 lol… but again if you keep trying perhaps 1 of 5 times you will get lucky. We have to remember the more blogs you have the more work it is as well. If one is lazy, more blogs can potential cost more and earn less.

    • Don Caprio

      It’s great seeing your comment here, Brian. I quite agree with your point of view. A lot depends on the blogger’s personal effort level.

  • val

    @don, i have been trying to contact you on bloggerslab but couldn’t,please can you tell me the section of wordpress files where i can edit the footer links and customize it to my taste because i still have the default links on blog’s footer.

  • Jerry Saliu

    I think having just one blog is enough to make all the money you want. What matters is how they are monetized.

  • Nwosu Desmond

    Having one blog may not work for everyone, except when you have created different blogs and see which is more profitable then you can actually choose one which was practically what Don Caprio did….Thanks great post though.

  • Anna

    I found myself being spread to thin when I tried to run more than one blog. I now concentrate on and it has drastically helped by concentrating 🙂

  • Lordemma

    Well, I will quite agree with you Don but bear in mind that full internet marketers do not keep just 1 blog. If you got all the time and are fully into internet marketing, It’s better to start by building a brand. Brand yourself and there after proceed to other nich.
    The main problem is that new bloggers take blogging as a get rich quick scheme and when they create a blog and within 5months it’s not making money. most abandon the blog to build another hoping to make money.
    but the basic fact remains, it’s not the number of blogs that matters but the authority/brand you have in these blogs.

  • Lordemma

    It’s not a matter or quantity buy quality

  • Olusegun StePhen

    You are right man, it is better to have 1 successful blog than 10 unsuccessful one’s. Just like the yoruba adage.

  • Engr Abdul

    Nice article, I’m sad it came late as i just payed for a new domain name of my second blog. But I’ll try to give both of them my time.

    • Don Caprio

      It doesn’t matter if you just opened a second one so far you can manage it effectively. All the best, Abdul.

  • babanature

    hey Don,
    Everybody have their own perspective on this. i have more than one blog that focuses on different topics (nitch) and they are all doing well and they all make my pocket sweet too. As you have said; it all depends on how you follow it up

  • Caelan Elias

    I agree with you. I believe in quality not quantity. Though its a common word but i have much faith on it. Thanks don for inspiring me again.

    • Don Caprio

      You’re right, quality over quantity. You’re welcome, Caelan.

  • make money online

    thanks Dc, nice writeup

  • jamb 2013

    this is so true…..

  • Okaztle

    What inspiring content.

  • Michael Cheney

    Thanks for sharing this brilliant ideas . This could help me on my online career. Again, thanks for sharing. ::0

  • TipsonPoint

    Best Advice of the day! Thanks for sharing. BTW that picture kept me on the

  • Dickson

    Thanks for your advise…
    Before read your post, i was consider to add my blog to 4.
    But after read it, I think 2 should enough…

  • Azubuike

    I expect this post to be a controversial one. Reason being that what works for Mr A may not work for Mr B.

    I believe having multiple blogs can help in a way. Reason being that you can terget different markets and audience, so also is the money.

    So if you can coup with 10+ blogs so be it but if you can’t, then go with 1 and manage it well.

  • Derek

    I totatally agree with you on this one Don.
    Thats why i’m selling my news blog soon.
    Gonna go list it on flippa and concentrate Just on my main blog
    Btw Nice article

  • irfan

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    Blogger 2013 Review

  • Nazia

    I totally agree with you

  • yashika


    I did the same mistake like you .Later one day i realized my mistake.Even i was facing the same headache to maintain all my blogs.Actually i opened many blogs to know about search engine.First i opened a blog and wrote in 2 0r 5 topic.i got traffic but i felt something wrong.Then i thought if i have seperate blog for seperate topic, search engine will show me in i opened another blogs.Finally understood no time i have to maintain all.

    I m not a tech blogger with much difficulty i altered the templates for my requirement.Technorati in all sites i registered my new blogs.Realised the problem but i can’t take decision to delete and if i import,worried about internal links,finally using RSS feed i connected all my blogs to my main blog.

    Anyway good or bad ,i m happy about the experience and happy to share with u too.Hoping my blog life will improve one day.

  • Bhavesh Sondagar

    Hi Don Caprio,
    From my blogging experience, I have seen bloggers who have only 1 blog making millions of dollars while some of having more than 1 blogs earning too less. I would say its depend on how much time you are spending to organize your blog content and how effectively you write on.

    Thanks for this awesome post!

  • Zoe

    From what i understand you need to have 10,000 blogs to start making money and 2000 back links.

  • Bashir Ahmed

    Hi Caprio,

    Nice post, but its all depend on time and knowledge. If you have time and knowledge how to create and manage 1 or 5 blogs at a time you can do very well and you can make money from your blogs as well.

    But if you have lack of knowledge and don’t know how to blog for money then I don’t think so you can make money from your other blogs. So I recommend stick with one blog and manage it good way. 🙂

  • make money online

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  • anis

    Yeah you are right cool article btw

  • pradip

    There are so many ways to make money online. Making sure you really like blogging and making sure people enjoy reading your blog.

  • Make Money Online writing articles

    I think having a blog is okay, but variety is the spice of Life.
    However, i think it should be up to 2-3 blogs.


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  • Yemi

    Nice post bro, it really does make alot of sense.

  • Ivan Aliku

    Another wonderful piece form the don himself. I found myself once in this position and I guess I’m in it again. I deleted some of my blogs and left about three of them and now I find it difficult to be online these days. So I’m planning on deleting two more and stick to the most successful one. That’s the one I feel I’d be able to manage better and grow to greater heights. Thanks for this write up. Also, your image is just so funny. Can’t help stop laughing.

    • Don Caprio

      Thanks for the compliment, Ivan. As for the image, just thought a little LOL in a serious write-up shouldn’t hurt 🙂

  • samuel

    Thumbs Up Don, you are right, Yes right now i have all the time to blog but i still find it hard focusing on another blog, its so hard for me to leave my doing well blog just to focus on a new one especially on the area of building backlinks. Instead its better spending those times on the doing well blog to making it better.

  • timjoseph

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  • suklambar

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  • Myhox

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  • VArun

    Totally true stuff in your post! very useful! I was thinking of starting another blog! But you made me think twice! Thanks!

  • andrewjoseph

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  • Kath

    Hi Don,
    I am just running into this, but I am still at the very beginning in this matter. My 1st blog I started about 2 years ago – just for the fun of it – to collect interesting stuff I found – to share it with friends, but also to have my own file storage for some things I am interested in. Due to the fact that I do have a number of (very different) interests, I also do have a number of websites now … 😉 Just a few weeks ago I decided that I want to have an income from blogging. As I noticed – things change with that and I have to find my way doing it, but I am not ready yet to delete one of my websites, it would actually hurt me. May be one day the hurt of the workload will be much heavyer that the hurt deleting some of my stuff …

    • Don Caprio

      It’s always a tough decision but hey, if you think you can manage more than one blog, there’s no reason not to keep them both.

      I took the time I spend online into consideration and the pressure I was putting on myself. It was a decision I’m happy I made.

      • Kath

        … “the pressure I was putting on myself” – I can understand that and also can relate to that. I had to learn to be a bit more relaxed about some things, but every “serious” blogger wants to provide value. One of my mentors always said: “How you do anything is how you do everything.” This relates to blogging and to so many more things 😉

  • Ganhar dinheiro

    Hey Don Caprio, pretty good site you have here. Thanks for share. Tell me, what kind of things would be a good choice to sell on my blog ? Things that people really need.

    • Don Caprio

      I can’t categorically say, it depends on the type of visitors you get and your blog’s niche. Selling something relating to your blog topics is definitely gonna work.


    thank u for this insight! I’m a newbie blogger. Hope this will work out! Maybe you can be my mentor! Regards from the Philippines!

  • jasonwilliam

    Nice blogger Don ,I liked it, I completely agree with your statement.
    Making money online sounds easy but until you put all you got in the right way,
    you ain’t gonna get success in it. Thanks a lot for the article.
    I have a website which is excellent for making money ,want to earn extra income ,then get a look at this
    How to make money online

    • Don Caprio

      Thanks for dropping by, Jason. It’s never easy at first but it gets easier with time.

  • rajesh

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