Hiding your Facebook Status Updates, Photos and Posts from Certain Friends

Lots of people add you as friends on facebook including people who drop comments you don’t really like that much. You might not wish to totally remove this people because of certain personal reasons and the best thing to do in such a situation is to hide your updates and photos from them. It might even be your boss at work, your parent, your teacher at school or someone you can’t definitely remove from your list. Hiding your status updates and uploaded photos from them can be the perfect way out. So how do you get this done?

Everytime you post a status update or upload a new photo, you can easily use the inline audience selector to hide the post from certain people just before posting.

– Select Custom from the list

– Clicking on custom shows a box as shown below:

– Just type name of the person and slect from the suggestions. Save the settings when you’re done.

Another way to do this is by choosing the default privacy settings as Custom.

Selecting custom privacy settings shows the same popup box explained earlier where you list the names of those you want to hide your status updates from.

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