Hiding Or Removing Old Wall Posts From Facebook Timeline Automatically

Update: This no longer works. There’s a better way to do this and it’s posted here.

You’ve probably posted some rather silly updates way back in 2009 or took some photos you now consider ugly. There might be a lot of things in your past that’s now revealed because of facebook timeline. Anyone can just scroll down through your life to know the type of person you were before they met you. Your ex might even have posted stuffs on your wall in the past that you wish to hide from your boyfriend now ;). I know how hard it is scrolling down through your timeline, removing those posts one after the other but I found a fix that’s gonna save you all the stress.

This post actually came up due a comment Geekogenius made on this post and I followed it up just to find out it actually works. He even posted a video on youtube but I never got to watch the video. I personally tested this firefox addon as I sat back and saw old posts on my timeline being removed. I could’ve made a video on this but my network down here sucks real bad. I suggest you go through how to hide or limit your facebook timeline if you want your profile timeline to completely disappear from your friends and public. The post gives you step by step instructions on how to get it done.

Alright, back to business. To remove or hide old posts from your timeline, follow this steps:

1. Download and install iMacros, a firefox addon. You need to restart your browser for this to work. Basically, iMacros is an addon that automatically does what you should be manually done on web pages. You just need to record the action and it repeats it as many times as you want.

2. Now go to your facebook profile / timeline. Now Let’s assume you want tohide all you old posts in the year 2010, on the right sidebar, right-click on the link as shown below and copy the link location of that particular year on your timeline.

3. Now paste that link in your address bar and hit ‘Enter’. You should now see every one of your facebook activities for that year.

4. Locate iMacros icon on among your browser toolbars and click on it.

5. You should now have a left sidebar on your browser, right? Now select the Record tab and hit the Record button. If it asks whether to close other tabs, you can just say No. 🙂

6. Now remove the first post on your timeline for that year as shown below.

7. Done that? Now hitthe Stop button on iMacros and save it as “Hide old posts on facebook timeline” or whatever you want.

8. Now click on the Play tab and select the macro you just saved. Before hitting the play button, set the Macro to repeat lik 200 times depending on how much posts you thin you have on facebook for that year.

Click the Play (Loop) button as shown above and this is where it starts those removing old posts from your timeline automatically. You can take a walk, go watch a tv program, take a walk or just open a new tab on your browser and do other things.

The Downside

I toyed around with iMacros for quite a while and noticed that it would sometimes stop working because of some sort of runtime error. At this point, you have record another action and replay. It kinda sucks. I also noticed it won’t work well on a slow connection.

This is definitely not the perfect fix but is there is no where in facebook privacy settings where you can hide your timline for a particular year, so you’re left with no choice but to hide everything on your timeline from friends and public or manually remove posts you don’t want featured on your timeline.

If you think this posts helps to a certain extent, kindly share with your friends on facebook. Thanks! 😉

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