Hiding Recent Activities (Wall posts, Comments, New Friends) On Facebook

Facebook added some upgrades recently that came with lots of privacy options but most people find it hard getting used to the new facebook settings. Posting comments on people’s status updates and posting on your friend’s wall leaves a trail on your wall and this makes it easy for others to track your facebook activities. Do you feel like hiding your posts on friends’ wall and comments on people’s status updates from your girlfriend prying eyes? Or you just want to keep your parent’s nose off your facebook business? Maybe you’re someone who loves being discreet and want to hide your facebook activities from stalkers on your friends list.

The screenshot above shows exactly what I wrote on others wall and my comments on their updates. Facebook also shows all your friending activities by default but you have total control on which information you share on your wall. Hiding your recent activities on facebook ensures your privacy and some people already know just how to get this done. The steps below are for those who are yet to get used to the new facebook privacy options.

To hide your comments, wall posts, friending activities, facebook likes and other recent activities, click the remove button right beside the post as shown below:

Select Hide all comment activity and confirm your option by clicking Hide all:

This hides all existing comment activities and future ones. The same goes for wall posts, facebook likes and friending activities too. The screenshot below shows just how to hide friending activities from your wall:

Just click remove (the tiny X button) on any post you wish to hide and select hide all to hide all posts similar to it.

In case you want to undo the changes you made and show your recent activities again, click on Edit Options at the bottom of your wall.

This box that pops up shows a list of posts you’ve hidden from your wall news feed.

Just click the remove button (X) to unhide any wall story you intend to show. Though this hides recent activities from your wall, it’s not guaranteed that it’s gonna hide it from your friend’s news feed also but at least, no one gets to track you by just visiting your facebook wall. Consider sharing this post with your facebook friends if you find it helpful.

Are you worried about facebook timeline and want to hide and delete everything? Check this out:

It’s the perfect software to hide and delete what needs to be!

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  • The post is well written and good to read and understand.I will share this on social networks.

  • this is ridicullous, i thought i disabled hid all my activity to ONLY ME, can see..little i know my 2nd account, iwas friends with. IT SHOWED ALL MY COMMENTS

  • You have provided a remarkable tips on how we can control what we want to see on our news feed. Thanks !

  • You can hide everything on your time line but not from others news feeds ( aka home) For example, there is no option to hide "page likes" and "page comments" from your friends home..if you like a page or you comment on a photo (status, note etc.) on the page you've liked, your moves, they all show up on your friends home even they are not liked the page or not in this group ...it's because fb give this "hide" option to the the page admins, not to the fb users. If the page admin makes the photo (status, note etc) "public" and posts to the page, that means, there is no restriction and your comments under this "public" photo will show up on your friends home. This is really annoying cos' sometimes ppl may not want to show their opinions on specific themes and issues to their friends but may want to discuss with only group/page followers. FB should give users option to hide particular comments from their friends home.

    • You're right, Khan. FB needs to give users more control over what they share. The current level of privacy isn't that OK.

  • There is only one way. Post the following message as your status:

    "As you know, anyone can see your all comments and likes on their News ticker box (which is on left side).

    I do not want to show this information to all my contacts but I can't change it myself.

    I ask you, therefore, hover your mouse pointer over my name above (NO click), wait for the window to open, hover again over "Friends" (NO click). Then click on "settings" and remove the check mark in "comments and likes". Thus, my activity will no longer be in your ticker box.

    Thank heaps!"

    If you are interested in your privacy, spread the word!

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  • its not working since there is no such option availble as "hide all"..it simply delte the post..ughhhhhhh

  • hi Don! when I post a photo on a friend's wall, it automatically shows up on my wall and when I try to hide the post (on my wall), the only option it gives me is to delete it. do I HAVE to have the photo on my wall? because I really don't want it there. help? thank you!

    • Hello Alexis,

      I really don't know if there's a workaround for that because I've never tried it. But if there's no option to hide it from your wall when you click the "X" button, it probably can't be hidden.