Guaranteed Method to Change Your MTK Android Device IMEI Number

If you’ve been struggling to change your Android device IMEI number without success, chances are that you would’ve tried Mobileuncle, Terminal emulator and other similar tools. As you’ve probably noticed already, these tools may not work for every MTK device. I was in a similar situation till I had to get this done on a PC using a software program called MTK Droid Tools v2.5.3.

Disclaimer: Please note that this will definitely void your warranty and we’re not responsible for this. Also, we’re totally absolved of any damage to your device resulting from following this guide. This is strictly only for educational purpose and you’re doing it at your own risk.

I tried this on Tecno Phantom Z Mini and it worked quite great. There are three major steps and they are:

A. Generating a Blackberry IMEI number

B. Installing BusyBox on your device

C. Changing your device IMEI

Please note that you need a PC to get this done though it’s a very simple process. Wondering if your device is an MTK (MediaTek) device? Install CPU-Z and run the program.

It should tell you which processor type you have and other useful info about your device.

A. Generating a BB IMEI number

1. Download GIP v4.1 here.

2. Unzip the package. There are three .sys files, copy them all to C:/Windows. You may need administrator privilege to do this.

3. Run GIPV4.1.exe, click on “Generate F** IMEI”. By the way, I have no idea why the software had to include such language though. Copy the IMEI to somewhere safe, perhaps a notepad, and save.

4. Exit the software and we can proceed to the next step.

B. Installing BusyBox on your Android Device

1. Download and install BusyBox from Playstore.

2. Run the app and wait for the Smart Install to fully load. This may take a while:

3. Leave the options as they are and tap the install button.

C. Changing your device IMEI number

1.Download and install ADB drivers. You probably won’t need this if you’ve previously installed PdaNet+ or other similar tools as they sometimes come bundled with ADB drivers.

2. Download this package and unzip the content.

3. Connect your device through USB and make sure USB debugging is enabled from Settings > Developer Options. It’s advisable you write down your original IMEI number somewhere safe (dial *#06#).

4. Run MTKdroidTools.exe

5. Click on the “ROOT” button to allow the software gain root access to your phone. You may need to accept the SuperUser / SuperSU prompt on your device to continue.

6. If this is successful, the yellow square at the bottom-left should turn green.

7. Click on IMEI/NVRAM button

8. To be on the safer side, it’s advisable to hit the “Backup” button at this point.

9. If you’re using a dual-SIM phone, you only need to change one. Paste the IMEI you generated earlier and paste it in either of the boxes (IMEI 1 or IMEI 2) depending which SIM slot IMEI number you’re changing.

10. Click the “Replace IMEI” button and you’re done. You may restart your device and dial *#06# to confirm.

Will this work on other devices apart from MTK devices?

Well, the simple answer to that is NO.

How to use Blackberry subscription after this

It appears this works well with Glo (Nigeria) BIS. However, its advisable to activate the subscription on a blackberry phone before putting the SIM card back into your Android device. Sending COMONTH to 777 as a text message activates Blackberry Complete for only ₦1,000. You can give it a shot. 🙂

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  • Don Saroos

    This is so wonderfull, i still love the way you detailed it, even though i didn’t give a try but thank you anyway.

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  • Edi Dominic

    This is another detailed post with Unique method, we often use the Mobile Uncle tools app on our Android to change IMEI on MTK which I wrote about on my blog “EDITWEAKS” the steps are too simple and it surprisingly works without root access. Thanks for another method Don 🙂 via EdiTweaks

  • james

    I could only download 2 out of 3 ADB drivers. Hw do i go about it? J

  • o.s

    pls will it work for nokia x

    • Don Caprio

      It won’t.

  • james

    When i clicked “ADB drivers” it took me to
    1.Adb Driver Installer
    2.ADB Toggle (USB Debugging)
    3.APK Installer (Featured)
    Pls do i need all d 3 or just 1 which is ADB driver installer? And do i need to root d device? Is Internet connection needed?

    • Don Caprio

      WHat you need is ADB Drivers Installer (Univeral).

  • james

    do i need to root d device? Is Internet connection

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  • Babshaybell

    So i sure can try this on my rooted infinix hot phone.. Can this also work for an unrooted phone??

    • Don Caprio

      No, this only works on rooted phones.


    Great information. Thanks alot

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    Good day sir
    please am using LG ANDROID 2.2.2
    is it posdible for me to change the imei number though not using this method cos i have tried it already after rooting the device
    please is there any other way this can be done
    your reply to this comment will be highly appreciated

    • Don Caprio

      I really don’t know if it’s possible but I’ll definitely publish an update if there’s a working method to do that.

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    Don d Caprio…….well don bro…..anyway my own problem is dat I keep showing ERROR: file adbd not install !

    • Don Caprio

      It appears you missed one of the steps. It should work perfectly.

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  • Adedeji

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