Google Chrome Vs Mozilla Firefox: Why I Finally Choose Chrome

I got married to Firefox since the death of Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP and that’s like ages ago. Over the years, I liked Firefox more and more and even till now, I still like it though I think I now have an alternative that serves me better and that’s Google Chrome. With loads of addons to increase your browser’s functionality, you can’t help but like Firefox since it’s a lot better than IE and way faster. Just about two weeks ago, I decided to finally start using Google Chrome as my default browser. I’ve always used Chrome as a second browser… you know, something you use like once a week for unimportant stuffs like multiple logins.

So, why did I finally choose Chrome over Firefox?

I had to convince myself to move on to Google Chrome though a lot of people hate it because it’s believed that anything “Google” intrudes your privacy and steals your browsing history. Anyway, the following reasons finally made me switch completely to Google Chrome.

1. Better Speed

It’s always been said that Google Chrome is much more faster than Mozilla Firefox and this may be true. When it comes to browsing speed and the time taken to open web pages, I may not be the perfect judge but if you’re talking about which of them eats less system resource, it’s definitely Chrome. It takes an eternity for Firefox to start up and this can be a real pain in the butt if you’re in a hurry to get things done. Chrome on the other hand starts up much quicker and eats less system resource and like they always say, it’s got a faster browsing speed.

2. Games, Angry Birds especially!

I know this may not be a reasonable point to you but the fact that I like playing games once in a while contributed to the switch I made. I’m an Angry Birds fan and playing it right here on Chrome is just great. There are lots of games at Chrome Web Store to keep you busy when you don’t have any serious business to do online. This is one thing Firefox lacks.

3. Synchronization with my iPhone

I use an iPhone and as you already know, Google Chrome works on Windows, Android and iOS. Of course, you can sync your settings, bookmarks, browsing history and other things on Mozilla Firefox but since Firefox has no version for iOS, I had to start using Google Chrome that works on both of my devices. Signing in to my Google account shows me my open tabs on other devices and this is quite useful if you’re the of person that always keep a lot of tabs open on your browser, recovering them on other devices along with your saved password, history and other browsing data  is made easier with Google Chrome

4. Sleek looking, minimalist design

You gotta accept it, Google Chrome looks simple, clean and real beautiful. I just love the design.

5. The Google Factor

I use quite a lot of Google products and one thing about Google is that they’ve got this tendency to convince you to use their products even if you don’t like it at first. They shove it right in front of your face everywhere you go till you decide to give it a try.

6. No restart to get extensions to work

It’s probably what I like most about Chrome. I don’t need to restart my browser to get extensions to fully install unlike Firefox. It’s sounds trivial but it actually does matter to me.

I’m not convincing you to use ditch Firefox and use Chrome… why should I? The best browser you for is a matter of choice and what serves your purpose. Google Chrome does everything for me, your choice may even be Internet Explorer 6.

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  • did the same thing and now chrome seems to have enough extensions so I can safely say goodbye to firefox.

  • My Favorite Brower is Google Chrome but Mozillz Firefox is also nice. The page views and other awesome facilities on Google Chrome. I rarely use FireFox. Thank you for this post.

  • Chrome's font, especially web font, rendering is useless. Even IE betters it at font smoothing!

    Nothing beats Firefox and Firebug when developing. All other developer toolbars are poor imitations.

    When Chrome first came out there was no reason to move to it from Firefox, other than jumping on a bandwagon. I sill see not reason to use it other than for cross browser testing.

  • i still prefer firefox anytime anyday and don, just like you said, i use chrome once in a while for irrelevant stuffs like multiple logins

  • Yah! Well said don, although I'm not a fan of firefox but it still has it advantage over chrome. Google Chrome easily get crashed and when such happen you can't do anything until it comes back again, you will just hang in there, except you close the browser and start it again. Google chrome is still my preferred browser though.