Getting a Smartphone for Business? Consider These First

With all device manufacturers trying so hard to push their products to consumers, creating maximum hypes around their gadgets in a bid to gain customers, choosing the right smartphone for your business may be a daunting task. If your mind isn’t yet made up, you first have to decide which brand to go for, the right operating system for you if you don’t have a favorite yet and again, there’s the issue of technical specifications you may not be well conversant with among others.

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However, to choose the perfect smartphone to adopt for business purposes regardless of the brand, here are five features to look out for.

1. Good Speed & Performance

This is extremely important if you’re going to be using your smartphone for business. As a business person, every minute of the day counts and a phone that performs tasks slowly isn’t worth it. Your phone should be able to multi-task efficiently. A phone with at least 2GB RAM is recommended for efficient multitasking. Also, a pretty fast processor too is needed. Anything below quad-core may not be that great.

2. A Decent Battery Life

You may need to talk a lot on phone, endlessly sync documents to the cloud or check emails every now and for this, you need a device with a very strong battery life. The higher the battery capacity, the better. A phone with just 2,000mAh battery capacity won’t last as much as a device with up to 4000mAh.

Although some operating systems are optimized to consume less power and users behavior sometimes affect battery life, the fact still remain that it’s better to stay on the safer side by going for a phone with a huge battery capacity.

3. A Big Display

Gone are the days when Apple thought the perfect screen size for everyone was 3.5″, people now go for phones almost twice that size.

With a bigger screen, it’s easier to read documents. You can as well see images, presentations and videos at a higher resolution. You can choose anything starting from 4.7″. Personally, I believe the bigger, the better.

4. Operating System’s Ease of Use

Choosing an operating system may take us back to the same old Android Vs Apple iOS war but we’re not doing that right now. Your desired operating system should be a matter of preference and what you’re accustomed to. So far an operating system allows you to access the latest apps, transfer files easily between your devices (with or without cloud service), I think you’re good to go.

While some may claim Android is much easier to use, a lot of people will argue that iOS is much better and others may say there’s no OS like Windows.

For a business phone, you wouldn’t want a device that limits what you can do.

5. A lot of Internal Storage

Unless you don’t deal with a lot of huge, work-related files, you may not need a lot of space. Before choosing a smartphone for your business, you need to know how much space you’re gonna be needing. If you’re gonna be handling presentations, high definition videos and loads of documents, you shuld consider getting a device with a lot of storage if you don’t want to end up deleting old files to accommodate new ones.

Whether you’ve finally decided to purchase a brand new phone or a used one on places like ebay or jiji.ng, keeping these things in mind will go a long way in helping you choose the best smartphone for your business.

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