Get Google Adsense Account Approved Within 2 Hours Through Youtube!

Gone are those days when you apply for Adsense account and get approved without much stress but now, Google Adsense has grown a lot bigger over the years with millions of active publishers and because of this, their policies have become very strict giving a hard time to those who want to get their account approved. Also, it has become very common to see older accounts getting suspended due to flimsy excuses. To get an approved Adsense account, you might have many times, maybe you’ve never tried at all, maybe you’re worried if you’ll ever got approved… put all that negative brain waves aside, this post will get you an approved Adsense account within 2 hours if  properly followed and implemented.

I know you have been waiting for this, so I won’t waste any sec of your precious time trying to bore you with reasons why you need an Adsense account or why your request was not approved, just let get this started right away.

  • Create a New Gmail account (tip: Choose United State as your location, some countries like Nigeria are not allowed to monetize Youtube videos).
  • Login to youtube with your newly created Google account
  • Click on youtube.com/account_monetization
  • Enable your Youtube account for monetization
  • You should receive a message in your inbox saying your youtube account is ready for monetization
  • After the message upload a unique video to Youtube
  • Be sure to add right descriptions and related tags to your video
  • Wait for the upload to complete and hit publish
  • Now that your video is monetized, what about Adsense Account?
  • Now go to Channel Settings>Monetization
  • Now you should see your account status.
  • Click on “How will I be paid”?
  • Now click on “associate an Adsense account”
  • Then you will be taking to where you will setup your Adsense account
  • Make sure to fill the form accordingly, payee name and address is most important.
  • Click submit and wait for your approval within 2 hours
  • Okay, waiting……1hour…2hours….Now check your mail
  • Wow! You’ve got an approved adsense account!
  • Okay, the next step is to show ads on your blog/site
  • If you’re using blogspot domain, (hosted account) this is very simple to do
  • Login to your Adsense account and click on account settings
  • Scroll down to the bottom to locate invite, enter the email of your blogger account and click on invite

Check your inbox to verify the invitation, after successfully verification you can now login to your approved adsense with your blogspot email address and password

  • Now login to your Blogger account (where you want to show ads) click on earning tab
  • Click on switch Adsense account
  • Login to your Adsense account to associate your approved Adsense account with your blog

You should receive another congratulations message that Adsense gadget has been added to your blog. Click on Layout, you should be able to locate the Adsense gadget. If you don’t see it, do not panic, check your setting tab to make sure you’ve enabled ads to be showing on your sidebar or body content. After verification you should be able to see blank ads space on your blog, within 30 minutes  real ads show be live on your blog.

If you’re using custom domain, I must tell you that Google has changed its policy for approving accounts via host partnered sites (custom domain), which require you to fill out a form and get approval from Adsense team before the ads begin to show on your non-hosted sites. Remember I said earlier that if you’re using hosted site (like .blogspot) you don’t need all this. To fill this form:

  • Login in to your AdSense account.
  • On the Home tab, click  the Account settings page.
  • In the “Access and authorization” section, next to “Only host sites are allowed to show ads for your account,” click edit.
  • On the “Show ads on other websites” page that appears, enter the URL of the site where you plan to show ads.
  • Click Submit.
  • Finally you need to implement AdSense ad code on the URL that you provided above, on a page that receives traffic.

Once your request is approved, you can place your ad code on any website that you own without any further approvals. If your application is not approved, you should receive a message in your adsense account stating reason why your site is not approved, meanwhile you still got your approved adsense account and you can correct the errors and resubmit again.

You can see that blogspots domain (hosted account) got their ads up and running very easily and quickly; even with only a single post, Adsense will still be displaying on your blog, this is the reason I believe you see many blogspot domain running adsense with low quality content. That is it, guys.

I think I have mentioned all I think is necessary. In any case where you encounter any error or still need explanation please let me know in the comment box below. 🙂 Enjoy using your Adsense account and don’t forget to read and abide with Adsense policies to avoid getting banned. Also don’t forget to protect your Adsense account from getting click bombed.

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  • Hi…Recently my blogger site got approved for Absence…It had been only 3 months since I created the blog..Only 6 posts, an About and Contact Me page. That’s it….I am extremely happy. But then the next question that lingers in my mind is: What next ? I don’t have any Ads to put….So whats the point? Will other put ad on my blog? Or will google put ads ? I did not provide any account number while registering for ad sense (neither was I asked). So how does one get paid if he does earn some money ?


  • I have original content (blog posts, pictures etc) in my blog but still got disapproved by Google Adsense. The Reason was "Not in compliance with WebMaster Tools". Can anyone help me with this issue?


  • Don pls can you help me out I was dissapproved by adsense for violation of content policy.now I have corrected it,but the issue is ,do I delete or edit the older post over 7000 before I re apply or I should leave it since I have made corrections in the newer post

    • Making corrections only on newer posts isn't enough... and I'm not sure it's humanly possible to edit over 7,000 articles. That leaves you just one option.

  • sir, I have this website silverbirdng.com but before I set up the site I already got approved by Adsense for utube channel account in with a different email but now I want to use it for my WordPress blogger please help me, I read so many articles saying it will easily be disapproved if I should go ahead with your explanations