Exciting Automotive Technologies Everyone Should Know About

Automotive technology is an exciting field to watch, as the pace of development is always high speed. New tech tools are being released all the time, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep up with all the fancy gadgets and abilities of your vehicle.

It may help to check in every once in a while and allow yourself to get excited about the possibilities. Take a moment now to read through this brief look at some of the most exciting automotive technologies available today.

Car to car/Car to infrastructure communication

Some of the most exciting and newest technology you may begin to see in future vehicles is car to car/car to infrastructure communication. This means that vehicles are being built to communicate with each other and with other aspects of the road like road signs, traffic lights, and even the road itself.

If your vehicle already knows about an icy patch of road ahead, it can adjust to meet the changing conditions of the road. A human driver may not always have the information quickly enough to react as needed to avoid an accident or skid.

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Vehicles operating autonomously

A completely autonomously functioning, mainstream vehicle may still be years from becoming a common reality on the roads, but autonomous features are already making a splash on the market.

When you’re on the hunt for your next car, consider the features just as important as the financing process of your vehicle. Automotive tech has a lot to offer in the way of safety on the road. Autonomous cruise control, lane departure warnings, automated parallel parking, and many other features can make you feel as though you’ve got a car that is driving itself.

Teen driving technology

Allowing your teenager to get behind the wheel of your vehicle is never really a comfortable situation. However, today’s technology grants parents a little peace of mind.

Some cars have the ability to limit the stereo volume, disable the radio if seat belts aren’t engaged, and even notify you if the vehicle is being driven at high speeds.

Mobile app connectivity is on the rise

Today’s newest vehicles are increasingly capable of integrating their systems with a range of mobile applications. You can now drive a car that gives you the ability to manipulate functions of your home from behind the wheel. Integration of systems like Alexa gives drivers a fuller scope of control over their lives.

Stolen vehicle tracking technology

Nearly a million cars are reported stolen in the U.S. every year, but technology is proving to make the success of auto theft much more difficult to achieve. When you can locate your vehicle through GPS at any given time, it’s pretty hard to disappear.

Ira Sharma: Ira Sharma is a  tech geek, a football lover and a staff writer at Geek NG. He lives in India and is presently pursuing a first degree in Computer Engineering.