Exceeding Facebook 5000 Friends Limit

If you happen to be a celebrity, a politician or public figure, you will find yourself reaching facebook’s friends limit in no time and when this happens, you can neither send nor receive friends request. Unlike twitter where thousands can follow you and google+ where you can be added to a countless number of circles, the limit facebook places on friendship looks rather ridiculous. But wait a minute, is it really possible to have 5,000 real friends?

To be candid, most of these people you call friends are actually fans and it’s for this reason the idea of fan pages was brought to life. Facebook pages allow you to connect with millions of people without any limit but taking a critical look at the whole thing, you might want to agree with me that the limit facebook places on the number of friends you have has a number of advantages. Knowing you would reach the limit soon, you should be mindful of people you send friends request to and those you approve. This also reduces spam to some extent.

Lots of people might see you as a snub but you don’t need to approve every request. Have you even noticed most of those 5,000 friends you have don’t even talk to you? Purging your friends list can be a good idea but if you can’t do this, there’s only a way out to pass the five thousand friends limit.

How Do I Add More than 5,000 Friends on Facebook?

Do you want to hear the truth and nothing else but the truth? You can’t possible have more than 5,000 friends unless you convert your personal profile to a fan page. I didn’t know there’s a way to convert a personal profile to a fan page till I came across the post on Editweaks. This is the only way to exceed the limit but you should understand that those you’ve added as friends before are automatically changed to fans who have liked your page.

The socializing aspect of facebook may be gone after migrating as your news feed is replaced by posts from pages you like and you can no longer comment on your friends’ status updated and photos. It sucks, huh?

Well, that’s the only way out and your social life on facebook may become so boring after doing this. However, you can still receive messages but you won’t be able to use facebook chat any longer and there are lots of things you’re going to miss so you have to be sure you know exactly what you’re doing.

To convert your personal profile to a fan page, click here.

You should download your personal data containing your photos, comments among other things because according to facebook, only your profile photo and friends will be moved to your new Page.  No other content will be moved.  You will still be able to log in from your original email address and password.

If you still go ahead to convert your profile page to a fan page, you can create a new profile for connecting with just a selected number of friends and family. You should then set the new profile as that fan page administrator to make it easier.

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  • quite informative. The fear of losing all photos and posts a a great risk, so I will first down load them and then would convert it to fan page. sure

  • I would like to know if there's any way to unlike all pages i've liked as I am unable to like new pages even i tried to unlike a few manually but still am not allowed to like new ones as it tells "I've already liked 5000 pages" any way to deal with this. I dont want to move to other account :/

  • I have created a personal profile and a page to promote my business. Reading many of the articles, i am in a dialema whether to keep the personal profile or not.
    I have tried to create another bogus Page. It was asking email address and password; from which I could understand that this will be the admin of that page. But this admin can also have seperate profile right? Then why people wants to convert personal profile to a page?

  • I already did this before, I've successfully converted my personal account into fan-page.

  • Is it possible to have two combine to different accounts of 5000 friends each to single facebook page

    • That's possible but before converting them to fan pages, make sure their names are pretty similar.

  • thank you very much, and you are right, if a person has 5000+ friends then he might consider making relationship his full time job

  • Do you have information on the limit FB puts on how many friends you can download into a Yahoo contacts list? (I downloaded 300 out of 3500). Will be converting to a business page shortly, getting too many friends!