EGO VPN – Encrypting Your World for Limitless Experience with Discretion

It is hard to come by a service that fits the definition of one-for-all. Whether you are a tech-savvy geek or an average user with basic knowhow of the internet; EGO VPN is the answer to all your worries.


The technology to connect has taken a humongous stride in a decade. It ushered in an era with a multitude of options to how we browse and surf online. However, to our nightmare, it has also brought along additional menace that is lurking over our head at all times, be-known to be hackers and scammers.

In addition to these hackers, authorities and various companies abuse their powers to intrude into your privacy. We all know many instances where companies and agencies were in violation of data and information protection rights of consumers worldwide.

All these instances and unacceptable intrusions gave rise to the need for virtual private networks. An avid internet user always aims to prevent the leakage of their internet history, browsing information.

Preferably what you do on the World Wide Web is a private business. EGO VPN aims to ensure and impose this rule to its entire user base. Hailed as the new guy on the block, it is giving competitors a run for their money in 2020.

Stand Out Features

Although competition is fierce in the VPN sector, some features raise EGO VPN to prominence for brilliance.

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Super-Simplicity at Your Finger Tips

There is no rocket science from the installation of the app to the execution. All it requires is a download from the Appstore. Open, click to connect and puff! You are invisible to any invasive entities. The user interface itself is very easy-to-use and friendly for novices and experts. Kudos to developers of this fantastic app. EGO VPN app is easily adaptable to your iOS, iPhone, iPad, and other mobile platforms like an android. Surely it is bare-bone in appearance, but it delivers on the promises it claims.

Two-In-One Beast

To put it short, it is fast and furious. EGO VPN establishes multiple threads connection with a destination to deliver flawless service. Additionally, it bumps up your internet speeds to rectify any delays and interruptions. Whether torrenting is your thing, or assurance browsing and shopping without the fear of your credentials being compromised, this app is your savior. As it has various servers, in fact, hundreds around the world, sluggish performance are out of the question. A masterpiece that puts DNS leak protection, state-of-the-art encryption, kill switches on your fingertips, and grants you the vanishing powers of the invisible man.

Limitless Streaming

If all you care about is all the streaming content available around the globe, you are literally boundless with EGO VPN. Access Netflix US irrespective of your GPS locale. If you are a resident of a country blocking HBO Go, Sky Go, and Hulu, this app shall set your free. Why? It is an undisputed Champ of 2020 in the VPN game. It has a team constantly working in the background to grant you access to all the favorite websites in the world by finding a unique server location. Bypassing the ISP protocol is a piece of cake.

Killer Pricing

Unlike other available alternatives, EGO VPN is free to install. This means you do not pay, but it does not make it cheap in any shape or form. The only downside of a free version is the in-app advertisements.

Online Support

While other VPNs lack online support, EGO has customer support executives ready to cater to you 24/7 via email. They are transparent about how the company operates. Just like your online drills, whatever you discuss with them is dealt with Cent percent confidentiality.

The Crux

Having stated the benefits and gains, EGO VPN has in store for you; I would emphasize you to give it a go. Not many commodities these days can claim to be free and good in the same statement. However, this one can. Wear the cape of invisibility and be the hollow man of the World Wide Web.

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Ira Sharma: Ira Sharma is a  tech geek, a football lover and a staff writer at Geek NG. He lives in India and is presently pursuing a first degree in Computer Engineering.