DearMob iPhone Manager: Get Your iPhone Ready Before the Storage is Full

With Apple no longer including iTunes with the latest macOS Catalina, some users might be wondering what alternatives are out there to manage iPhone and other iOS devices. Although iPhone management functionality is now included with Finder in the latest version of macOS, the features are still more or less what was available with iTunes. What can be done is still limited and there’s still a need to have a robust iPhone management tool like DearMob iPhone Manager.

For people using older versions of macOS who still have iTunes but need a complimentary tool by the side, this program is perfect as well. It includes certain basic iTunes features and some extra tools you wouldn’t find in other iPhone management programs.

Complete iPhone backup and restore

This feature is one of the highlights of this software. DearMob iPhone Manager is capable of backing up your entire device to your computer with the touch of a button in case you want to delete some items and free up space on iPhone. If you’re particular about backup security, there is an option to encrypt your backup with the password created on your phone.

In case you need to restore an old backup to your phone or you just got a new iPhone, this program also lets you restore your backup with ease. You can transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone without stress.

Music management

One thing that bothers most iPhone users is the need to completely sync the phone just to add a single track to a Playlist. With DearMob iPhone Manager, you can selectively add songs to your iPhone music library without necessarily synchronizing the whole iTunes playlist. If you also have tracks in your library named incorrectly, you can use this program to easily edit them.

Apart from this, this iTunes alternative for Windows and Mac lets you export every song on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to a computer.

Photo management

Whether all you want to do is load your holiday photos shot with your DSLR camera to your iPhone, DearMob iPhone manager got you covered. The photo management tab has all tools you need to keep things organized. The toolbar has a customizable view to help you see exactly what photo you need to get to even if you have thousands of them in your gallery.

You can selective delete, add and even export all your photos at once.

Video and movie management

This section lets you do whatever you want with recorded videos and downloaded ones. If you’re the type that watch lots of movies on your device, you should find this extremely useful.

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If you have lots of 4K videos on your phone, chances are that you’re already running out of space. With DearMob iPhone Manager, you can save space by converting and compressing these huge 4K videos.

File management

DearMob iPhone Manager also lets you work with iOS apps that supports file management. If you need a way to quickly transfer some documents to your Microsoft Office app on iOS or you need to load some movies from your PC to your VLC app, this program handles it.

You won’t just be able to transfer iPhone files to your computer fast, you can modify, delete, and export files.

Other notable features:

Message management: this feature lets you export iPhone messages to your computer for backup.

Data encryption and decryption: This lets you pick a local image or video for encryption. There’s also a tab for decryption, but you must remember your encryption password.

Contact management: This lets you manage contacts if you’re not already synchronizing your contacts with iCloud.

Flash drive: This feature lets you use your iPhone as a flash drive and move files around.

There are even more features such as:

  • Podcast management
  • Voice recordings management
  • Calendar management
  • iBook management

Is it worth the money?

DearMob lets you backup iPhone, restore backup with ease, manage music, videos and files, among other features. With all the features loaded into this program, it’s still quite easy to use. Although there’s a trial version, it’s limited and only meant to let you evaluate the software. At only about $39.95 for the one-year license for a single machine, DearMob iPhone is really worth the money. Download and buy DearMob with big discount here >

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