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Having an iPad just to brag about is something that may have been interesting when it first came out. Terabytes of information have gone by since then and if you wish to set yourself apart from the rest of the iPad owners you should think out-of-the-box. We are not talking about sleeves and touch screen protectors. We are talking about cute and weird accessories you wouldn’t think of combining with iPad in the first place. Let’s mention few that have hit the market recently.

1. Pair with Pear

If you are the owner of a dock for iPhone and you just hate when you have to stop the music coming from the speakers of your iPhone dock because you have to text your friend- This is a piece of gadget for you. Now you’re probably asking yourself why we are talking about iPhones when the title clearly says iPad. The thing is, this little and cute device (square-shaped with round corners and the pear symbol in the middle) is going to play the music from your iPad, iPhone, Android or iTouch and all this while you are talking on the phone, texting, surfing the web or sending e-mails.

2. Ready Set Solar kit for iPad (and more)

If you are a devoted blogger you should think about getting this little thing. Well it’s not that little but it will help you to blog from the comfort of park bench for the whole day, without worrying about your battery life. Just plug in the iPad into this red devil and place the solar panel in the sun. Here you go; you’re ready to become the No.1 geek in your neighborhood.

3. Touch Fire

So you finally got your touch screen but it doesn’t feel right because you are used to that old school keyboard. If you think that Apple should think about adding regular keyboard onto the iPad (even though this makes no sense) you should search for Touch Fire. This is a great product if you eat with your hands while working on iPad. This way you won’t need to clean the screen once you finish working.

4. Juicies

This accessory comes under CUTE and it is actually a cable for iPad in different color. What’s so special about it: It is made out of sustainable materials, they are in full color and they are not made to be hidden or stored behind your desk, they are produced so you can show off with them.

5. The CushPad

Aww, do you like to sleep next to your iPad? Does your iPad enjoy your vicinity? Well, if this is the case you should buy one of these. The CushPad is a pillow for your iPad. Besides being a resting point for your iPad this is also a stand for it, so you can watch movies, play games, video chat etc…

6. V-Luxe for iPad

You should ask your parents (grandparents) what they were doing with their wooden boxed TV sets 50 years ago in case they fell from the TV table. Well, they just hit few nails into it and the TV was brand new again. This is exactly what you are going to be able to do if your V-Luxe set fall down from anywhere you decide to put it. It is made out of wood, it looks like a 1950’s TV set and you can use it as a “high-end iPad accessory” (as stated by manufacturer)

7. iRemoco

If you like flying objects but you can’t get your hands off of the iPad, this is a perfect product for you. You will be able to control a chopper with the use of the app installed on your iPad.

Post written by David Miller who is a writer, blogger and full time business analyst. He always likes to carry his iphone in  iphone 4 custom case. He just loves it.

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