Blogging Secret : How ProBloggers Get Blog Post Ideas

Getting short of what to write about often happens in the blogosphere, especially if your niche has limited resource. But even in popular niches, some bloggers still find it hard when it comes to writing a new blog post in their blog, simply because they are short of blog post ideas. And this is a bad occurrence if you really want to grow your blog.

In order to get your visitors engaged and keep coming back, you need to be able to post fresh unique contents on your blog regularly. So if you get lost on what to write about very often, this article will be of great help to you.

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Here I am going to outline some secret blogging tips that will not let you get lost on what your next post should be about.

1. Bottlenose:

Have you ever heard of Bottlenose? I am guessing no, Well bottlenose is a platform that gives live social intelligence. Bottlenose also allows you to sort out all trending stuffs on social media which is quite up to date.

Here is how to use Bootlenose to get new blog post ideas;

  • Once you are on the page, now type into the search bar (you can just type your niche topic)  or rather just pick from the popular list of topics.
  • In the NOW TAB, you can find all the Recent Images, Recent Comments, Trendy Topics and Top Links. So the type of posts you see in this section can give you fresh blogging ideas which means you cannot run out of fresh ideas.
  • While in the SONAR TAB you will also see different trending topic that are similar to your niche

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2. Pick ideas from Readers Questions:

This is a very good way to keep connecting with your readers. If you have comments enabled on your blog posts, it is very possible that one of your readers is going to ask you a question which might not be related to the blog post and its very possible that you might have many of your readers who have this same question so by taking that opportunity to turn the question into a blog post you are achieving three things,

  • You are keeping your readers assured that they can get their questions solved
  • You are answering question which many of your readers are looking for the answer and
  • You have successfully written a new fresh post.
Apart from those, there are other benefits of deriving new posts using this idea
  • Due to the fact that there’s possibility that some other people who are not even your readers will search for the questions and therefore they will get redirected to your blog since you have a post on such random question .
  • You will become an expert in this field.

3. Google Trends:

This is one of my best way of deriving post ideas, and I must tell you , it a very great source for fresh article ideas. What Google Trends does is that it shows you what people are looking for on Google . And it s a very great tool that tells you what is currently hot on Google. Although Google trends shows everything that is been searched for in general, yet you still have the ability to narrow down the display to match your niche, as well as narrow it down to search from specific locations.

4. Read blogs related to your niche:

This is another method I use more often, I have a list of blogs I read daily, so the idea is for you to read blogs related to your niche and then take some ideas out of it. I am not saying you should read blogs and copy the posts simply because you like how it was written, What you have to do is just, read, take the idea and make research on it and then write your own.

5. Quora Questions:

Quora is an amazing platform where people ask questions and get answered. Now that’s where you can tap into just like idea #2. Using Quora as a blog post idea tool, what you need is to search for the popularity of a content.Even Quora allows you to reuse all new content on the site by publishing it anywhere on the internet,so far you link it back to the original content on Quora.

Here is how to find new blog post ideas on Quora:-

  • Go over to Quora.
  • Input your niche topic in Quora’s search bar.
  • Once results are matched, Quora will then show you popular questions which are answered and unanswered.
  • So what you should do now is to go over to the unanswered questions on Quora  and write a “solution blog post” on it.
  • You can simply answer the question on Quora too, but make sure you convert it to a post on your blog.

6. Pinterest:

Although I don’t use pinterest often as blog posting ideas, but its a sure source in-case all other options are not working for you. Pinterest shows you the images of common / fresh posts. So what you have to do is go over to your niche category or use the  search bar with your niche then pick an idea for your next post. This is similar to idea #1.

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7. Examine Topsy:
Topsy is another social search tool that filters results across different social websites. Here’s how to use Topsy:-
  • Go over to Topsy search panel.
  • Input your niche topic in the search bar, then you will get a result list
  • You can get trendy topics from twitter, and this will be listed with images and links.
  • You can as well change the results with if you want it by videos, Tweets, Photos, time, type, network etc.

8. Commenting on popular blogs:

Just like the case of idea #2 an d #5.You can search for popular blogs and look through comments check for questions and answer them correctly.

How to use this as a golden opportunity follow my trick :-

  • Once you have found an unanswered question in the comments, try to comment and make useful contributions on it.
  • Then take that question and write it as your blog post.
  • Doing this, once the commenter find your reply helpful, then they will take you as an expert, as a result visit your website via your comment link and then give you extra readers.

So this are sure ways you will never lose focus on what to write about next. So left to you to put this into use and you will see yourself having fresh ideas daily.


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