Blackberry Subscription Trick on Airtel

It really sucks when I say it sucks; I can’t understand the ‘special treatment’ these Nigerian network providers give to Blackberry users. I don’t use a blackberry phone, that means I get to pay so high for some silly data bundle that won’t last a day. Last time I checked, you can get just 100MB of data for 1000 Naira on Airtel while you get a whooping 1GB for just 1,500 Naira on this same stupid network. Wait a minute, are they trying to make everybody buy a blackberry phone or what? I just can understand and I’m sure you’re just as confused as I am seeing the difference between Blackberry subscription and that of other phones and modems.

I noticed this same silly phonemenon on both MTN and Glo. Worse yet, you can’t use that blackberry subscription on other mobile phones. It even won’t work if you remove the sim and insert it into your usb modem.

Using Airtel Blackberry Subscription Trick on PC

Sounds good, huh? Getting 1GB for just 1500 Naira and browsing the internet with it on your Nokia, Android, iPad, Windows smartphone or notebook? It might sound unbelievable but there’s actually a trick to make this airtel BB plan work for you.  I’ve been on this trick for quite a while now and I tell, it’s the cheapest data plan you can use even on your phone or computer thanks to the trick I’m about to reveal.

1. Recharge your line with 1500 Naira

2. Send SOCIALMONTH to 440 in a text message

3. You should receive a message telling you about your subscription and expiry date which is normally 30 days

4. Check your data bundle by dialling *123*10# or *141*712*0#. You should have a little over 1GB.

You should note that this allocated data will never work with the regular Airtel access point we all know which is internet.ng.airtel.com

This is where we’re gonna apply the little trick I mentioned earlier. All you need to do is change your access point to make the data bundle work for you.

APN / Access Point – blackberry.net

Username –

Password –

IP –

Password –

Just create a new internet profile on your modem by going to Tools > Options > Profile Management. Create a new profile, give it a name you like, select static access point and key that one up there in.

To use this trick on your phone too, create a new internet profile with the above settings. It’s really good getting a whole 1GB worth of data for just 1500 Naira thanks to Airtel’s  dumb Blackberry data plan. Are you aware you can only purchase 150MB with the same 1500 Naira if you ain’t using a blackberry phone? Pretty stupid!

Update – 08/05/2012

Using blackberry.net as APN may no longer work. Use the settings below to connect:

APN – internet.ng.airtel.com
Username: internet
Password: internet

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  • Pls can I use my airtel bbc subscription in my pc modem without finishing d̶̲̥̅̊ 1gb data...?js lik its applicable wit mtn bbc...

  • Help! I loaded the 1500 yesterday, tried the two apn but none is working> pls help with any update

  • I've done this but airtel is removing my credit and leaving the 1gb untouched. I use a nokia phone. How can I activate the 1gb bb plan. It will soon expire. Thanks for any help.

    • Which access point are you trying to use? It's what I'm presently using on my iPhone and the credit remains intact.

  • It worked fine for me, but with d default APN internet.ng.airtel.com
    I loaded N200 then dey gave me my weekly 10MB den send I text socialmonth. Dat is how im using my default APN

  • Hello Don,
    Interesting Post i called 450 and they said they would connect it, so how long until i receive the features?
    Great Job!

  • Hi doncaprio, well done wth the write up.

    I wanna know if you are still browsing with the above airtel plan, coz since on sunday it has refused to work. Yesterday i decided to change tne access point to internet.ng.zain.com and it worked but its slow compared to the blackberry.net apn. I've still got ova a 250mb and i woildn't want to stop this subscription plan since it offers more bandwidth. Kindly help by trying to find out what is wrong and if maybe there's anoda access point worthy of use. Thanx a lot man.