Adsense Vs Selling Ad Space: Which Suits Blogging Better?

There is no doubt that every blogger out there once started blogging only for the sake of money, but I would rather like to say it’s actually for the greed of money. Most likely, it later become your worst addiction and you started loving it and really want to help people.

Once you are established, you definitely also want earn some decent income in return for your precious time and efforts.I also struggled for six months before I could get some outcome in return of for the efforts I put into writing quality articles and developing awesome blogger widgets.

Most of us are usually confused at the start about how to properly monetize our blogs: Adsense feels comfortable and selling ad space looks difficult overall,thinking about how to find clients and convince them to advertise on your blog. In my opinion, selling ad space suits blogging best and it’s a lot more comfortable than using Adsense. I will try my best to convince you to start selling ad space rather than using Adsense.

Why I Hate Adsense ?

First of all, you need lots of hard work to get an Adsense account. They usually reject you by for no reason even if you have good traffic and a decent PR and when you  finally get your account approved, your account gets blocked and all your efforts are in vain. You have to start again from the bottom.

Adsense works totally different from selling ad space. If someone notices an interesting ad about a product or service that could benefit them, they click on the ad and are taken to the respective site. You are paid for this click. It is usually about 10 cents,although there have been times when many of my friends received $2.00. It depends on how that particular advertiser is dealing with Google.If you received no clicks then you will earn $0.00.

In past there are lots of techniques make more money from Adsense including click exchange, asking your friend and many more but with time, everything changes and Google gets better and better day by day at detecting fraud.

Why I Love Selling Ad space ?

Selling ad space is totally risk free you can easily find advertisers on social networks, Fiverr and by creating an Advertise page. You can control your ad size and your price because there is no boss over you like Google.

The most amazing thing about selling ad space is that you can sell your ad space for a specific time for a day,a week or a month and charge your desired money. There is no ground rule like Adsense which depends on how much traffic or impressions you get daily. Selling ad space has more to do with topics you’re covering on your blog and your target audience.

Which Method Best Suits Blogging ?

When we are blogging, we first think about authority, fame and money. No one needs a separate headache about click bombing, account rejection and other Adsense related stuffs like that. Checking again and again how much money is earned from Adsense dashboard every minute of the day. On the other hand, if you’re selling ad spaces, once the ad goes live, you have nothing to worry about except to remove the ad on time and collect the payment first before publishing the ad.

The truth is, if your blog is well established and you have thousands of visitors daily, you must go for Adsense because you can make a huge amount of money through Adsense. Personally, I have never used Adsense till date on my low ranking blogs even if they are accepted for Adsense because if your blog ranks low, you will make very poor earnings. You should go for selling ad space in this case.

We cannot say specifically which method is more superior but both have there own importance, advantages and disadvantages. You should also try other tactics available in the market and let us know what do you think about this.

Author’s Desk

If you really want to make money fast from your low ranking blog that doesn’t yet attract thousands of daily visitors, promoting affiliate products, selling ad spaces, publishing paid reviews is the way to go but this will only happen with some of your effort.

Create an Advertise with us page and offer low rates in the beginning because you can raise them with time or when you got more orders and keep in mind that you shouldn’t  fill up your blog only with advertisements.

Also keep in mind the quality guidelines to rank better in SERP if you want to attract advertisers. If you have any new idea or some thing new to share with us which I have not stated in the article, please feel free to let me know in the comment box because comments are appreciated more than anything on this blog. Till then, stay blessed and happy earning 🙂

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  • nice article, starting base both are little difficult so 1st keep more attention on blog article content quality and get regular traffic than thinking ahead is good.

  • i think direct ads is best because we don't have fear to get banned... if we are using Adsense then we have to follow a lot of adsense policies...

  • yeah that's true, as adsense publisher we should be prepare for the worst possibilities. i mean banned

  • Hello Tayyab...you know what? I am thinking in the same fashion you are thinging: Google Adsense is overhyped! If you've got decent traffic, you don't need Adsense to survive; if you've not, Adsense will not let you in - either way, you lose. So why no take the bull by the horns and sell that space directly? Great post man. I must however add that the plugins that would make selling ad space happen are simple ads, ad manager amongst others. Go, check it out!

  • I think selling ad space is very profitable if you have a large following and a huge traffic. people may not be willing to buy ad space if traffic is low so adsense would be the best bet in that sense. But the baseline of making big money from both is huge traffic...

  • Nice article man you really cleared the air about everything, i actually believe selling ad spots on your blog is better than adsense most especially when you account can be banned anytime with your money