7 Reasons Why You Need a Website for Your Small Business

Quite a number of small business owners believe they do not need a website for their business since they conduct their business offline. Some believe they will decide to get a business when the business grows bigger, not realizing this is a wrong notion to have. Serious business owners never underestimate the power of the internet because they understand the implications of not being online. A lot of business owners too assume having a Facebook fan page is enough. This is important to social marketing but still, you need a real website because you’re probably losing potential customers without knowing it. If you are trying to minimize expenses or not willing to pay a developer, there are options and you can still get a free website for your business though it’s better to go all out and get a website fully paid for.

Here are 7 solid reasons why you should have a website for your business:

1. Create a good first impression

They say the first impression is the lasting impression. A professional looking business website says a lot about you and it aids your business in a lot of ways. Imaging handing your business card over to someone: The simple presence of a website gives your business a professional outlook even without the person checking the website already. It gives you credibility.

2. Customers expect to find you online

In this modern age where almost everything imaginable can be found online, most customers expect to find you and your business on the internet. A customer who forgets your real address but remembers your business name may decide to run a Google search, hoping to find your website with that. Personally, I prefer dealing with businesses with functional websites and so does a lot of people.

3. Improve customer service

Operating a business isn’t just about buying and selling, it’s more about relationships. The major way to keep relationships is staying in contact and a website for your business is a great platform to do that. “Contact Us” pages are what people used to use to get in touch with businesses, nowadays customers require businesses to almost respond in real time. To facilitate that, you need to integrate a customer service software with your website such as Kayako.

4. Improve competitive advantage

Look around you and you will find a lot of your competitors operating exactly your kind of business having a website. You need to move ahead with the latest trend or be left behind.

5. Increase sales

Whether you’re operating a small website or a large one, sales is never enough and a website for that business is one of the best ways to increase sales. You’re wondering how? With the rise of eCommerce over the years, lots of business now are based fully online, making buying and selling extremely easy for customers. Even if you’re only offering services and not really selling goods, a website is a good place to announce discounts, display your service or portfolio (if you have one), convince new clients to work with you, and so on.

6. Cost effective advertising

Where else do you have the opportunity to advertise your business the way you want other than your website? Even if you have a functional Facebook fan page or a Twitter account for your business, there’s a limit to what you can talk about but a website of your own that is well integrated with a Content Management System (CMS) is a good way to advertise your new products, new arrivals or showcase completed jobs to impress potential customers.

7. Operate your business 24 hours a day!

With your website available 24 hours a day, it’s like having a front office that’s reachable all the time. Customers can reach you through your website even while you’re business snoring on your bed.

It’s rather funny to see business owners who are still contemplating whether they need a website or not but then, one can only assume it’s probably because they are not enlightened enough on this issue.

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  • The essence of having a website for your offline business cannot be overlooked, as your website serves as a global representative for your offline business.

  • I agree with you dear, in today’s era where technology is rising day by day so you have to use these technologies and promote your business to online for making business website. This is the best way to get engage with your related people on internet that will help you to improve your business.

  • Everything has gone online every small or big business is now moving online for their own good because everybody now uses internet to find product and other things needed and if you can't be found online then you are killing your business

  • All true, today a company or a business that does not have a website is not concidered as a serious company that want to do business.

  • Irrespective of the size of the business means, either it may be large or small, website plays a great role for your business improvement. It brings the good and reliable customers to your business, so that you can improve your sales.

  • Website is must for every business owners, small or large, offline or online, Those that ventured into Web-Business will definitely say good testimony on how it increase their business.

    Two things I believe many business owners are shunning to create a website for their business is of course they think the cost is high and the management is stressful, now I believe they're aware of having free website, at least for a start.

    Thanks for listing out the benefits :)

  • I would add that none of the business owners I know would dream of not having a phone book listing. The phone book is being phased out by the internet! First thing I do when looking for a product, service, or anything in my area is Google it. If your not in my search, you don't exist.

  • Th Don,

    I believe this is from experience and experience is a great teacher so they say and this work in real world. Having an alternative source of making more sales is never a crime and all business entrepreneur are Oliver twist because they never satisfy with what they make on daily/monthly/annual basis and this called for what you have communicated in this article. Nice post Don!

    • Thanks for reading through, Dotun. It's true that you can be satisfied with your earnings and getting a website sure increases sales.

  • Yes, I agree that website do need for your small business because of without a website you do not increase your business. I must say that if you want to grow your business, then you could be using the business card because it is very easy and cheaper promoting option.

    • Of course, a business card is a basic need. Got mine printed a few weeks ago when I realized this.

  • Small business can use a website to build a brand to their potential costumers. Its simple but effective way.