6 Reasons You’re an Unsuccessful Blogger

It is not that easy to be a successful blogger. It needs devotion, hard work and sometimes a fair share of luck to be able to overcome all the teething problems. But sometimes, despite all your hard work, your blog fails to win the favor of the readers. So, it is good for you and sometimes for your readers too to check some signs that may help you see what the fate has in store for your blog. Once you get the divine signals that your blog does not stand a chance to make it big in the blogosphere, you should go ahead and embrace something else that you are good at:

You hate To Write: I have come across some bloggers who have no passion for writing. They are just into blogosphere just to earn some quick cash. Since blogosphere is getting crowded every single day, you should not expect that your blog will start churning out money within the next 6 months; you are just living in a fool’s paradise. Rather than wasting your time here, you should try your luck somewhere else.

You are pathetic at Grammar: It is not necessary that you have to be native English writer, but that should be an excuse for writing English that is pathetically poor.  If you are not comfortable or not confident in writing in English, you should force yourself. Rather try to do blogging in your own mother tongue. Google is getting smarter in other languages, getting traffic will not be an issue any more.

You are not Creative: The concept of blogging is entirely based on how much creative you are. Unless you are creative, you will find it difficult to hook on the attention of the visitors. Your creative appeal is directly proportional with the number of visitors you will be able to retain. So, if you feel that your creativity is flickering away with the passion of time, you need to shift to other domain.

You Like To Avoid Social Media: You should not depend entirely on Google to keep alive your blog. Google may pull the rug from your feet and you blog will have a slow death. So, you need to adopt a social media marketing strategy and if you find that you are not good at marketing your website in social media, you are sure to face a tough situation ahead.

You cannot take Criticism: Not all readers are same and therefore, you cannot expect that you will receive unabashed eulogy for a post you have written after so many hours of hard work.  There are some who out outspoken and that means, some negative comments might appear. But that does not mean that you should go on insulting the readers. You need to master the art of taking criticism into your grace. However, if you feel that you are unable to do so, I must say the career of blogging is not for you.

You Are Blogging On Subjects You Are Not Aware Of: This is a blogging crime. You should not reshape content of others by making small changes in the texts or by using synonyms just to make it look unique to CopyScape. You need to make sure that the articles are adding value to users experience and they are not just the reproduction of the same content available easily over the net. However, if you cannot help but doing this, I must say blogging career is not for you.

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Micheal Evans:

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  • Hello, please don, or any experienced blogger I need serious help... And deep explanations... Today almost all content online is written based on research, and as such, these are all peoples work.

    Doesn't mean if I read an article let's say the news, or daily events and gossip let's say am running a blog an entertainment blog, and I create my own write up from what I have read its still not a unique content? Please someone should help because I have a lot of problem gettin accepted by google adsense. See my site http://ho9ja.com if you may check for me to see what's faulty.

    Thanks in advance :)

  • Hello Don, I just discovered your blog and I'm loving it!
    I was wondering if you any tutorials on working with Genesis framework on WordPress. I just purchased the framework for a new blog but I'm not to sure how to use it. Do I need to purchase one of the baby themes as well?

    • Hi,

      Thanks for visiting. Yes, you need to get a child theme to fully make your blog look outstanding. WHat you have is just the framework and the basic Genesis theme.

  • Wow ! What a great issues are getting right point here. Thank you for knowing the hidden path of unsuccessful blogger.

  • Admirable, but sorry to say this type of harsh wording will discourage new bloggers...

  • Thanks for sharing! I start a for a year and half I feel my blog not successful yet. And I build and new blog with self hosted. I not I am not with English and grammar and writing is my problem. I plan to hire a freelancer for my blog but now just plan the budget first. Anyway, thanks for make sense.

    • I'm not very sure, Swapnil. You should have more than five posts and your blog should be at least 3 months old. Easy navigation too also matters, you may include links to your categories below the header.

      • i think you should work more on your traffic and content. then i applied, mine was just a month. Although i was making more than 5 post a day.

        • Mine took about a week. I think the key is making sure you post everyday and make your blog easy to navigate.