5 Tools for Better (And More Efficient) Blogging


Writing a daily blog can be extremely difficult work.  Some days it seems that every topic has been covered, or you are simply repeating yourself ad nauseam, to the point that people will be turned off.  But it is extremely important to keep blogging; no matter how beautiful your website is, no matter how professional looking your premium WordPress template is, it will be the content that keeps people returning.  There are tools that can help you come up with ideas for content and topics to write about every day in order to get your readership to keep coming back.

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This tool allows you to see the most common questions people are asking over Twitter.  Because Twitter is a good barometer for what people are talking about in real life, this can be a way to capitalize on a topic and create content that people will want to share.  By keeping abreast of topics in the Twittersphere, you will have your finger on the pulse of what is hot right now and create content to cater to that particular subject. The browser extension is available for Google Chrome. <link>

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Content Idea Generator V2

The new version of the Content Idea Generator gives you topics to blog about based on what is trending on Google.  This tool collects news stories from all around the Internet or news stories related to content on your particular blog.  These news stories can often spur ideas or provide a point from which to start a given thought or idea.  It can also work to just share a story on a day when you simply don’t have time to blog.  This can provide just a little fresh content in order to ensure that your readership at least has something to read for the day. <link>

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Focus Booster

For those with short attention spans or those who have trouble focusing, this is a great tool to help focus your attention.  This is a clock that will break up your writing into fixed segments, while providing a fixed break to keep you fresh.  This way, you will be forced to write because the clock is running, but it will also help keep you from burning out by writing too much.  By knowing that there is a finite time to write, it can force you to get focused and get to writing instead of playing around online or allowing yourself to click around and avoid work.  This can also help verbose writers to stay succinct by giving them a time limit and forcing them to get to the point. <link>

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While this social media tool is not as popular as Facebook or Twitter, it can really help spur ideas.  By putting intelligent people in your circles, you can assure yourself of quality topics every day.  And since Google+ is smaller than Twitter or Facebook, it is much easier to have a guided conversation with people and really bounce ideas off one another instead of getting drowned out by sheer volume.  The circles can also help you compartmentalize the people you follow, so you can collect all the people who help give you blog ideas into one given circle.

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This site collects the top news stories from a variety news websites and social media outlets and presents them together.  By giving you the top story from each page, you can see what most people are reading about.  Then you can offer your comments, and hopefully people will share or engage with your topic.  It can also help your readership stay on top of current news and trends by giving them insights into popular stories they may not have otherwise gotten. <link>


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