5 Tips on How to Write an Effective Blog Content

Most of us learned how to write an essay and even how to write a letter, but are they the same with writing an effective blog content? Well this is a bit different from blogging. Blogging has gone beyond writing your personal life stories, it’s becoming something big! A smart way of connecting with the world is keeping your content fresh and at the same time writing effective blog contents.

If I may ask, what can you say about it? I hope to see your answers in comments. Before we get to that point, I will like to share my own opinion on what I feel an effective blog content is.

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An effective blog content is simply a blog write up formed with great writing prompts that keeps readers engaged. The word “engaged” is what must not be missing if you are to write effectively on your blog.

A blog content can be creatively written even with long tail keywords but still lack the one thing that matters, which is “reader engagement”

In my years of blogging I have come to understand what works for some people and don’t work for others. This is the gap between probloggers and prebloggers (beginner bloggers). There are things which they see that beginners or those still struggling with blogging don’t see and that boils down to how contents are formed or written.

In this post, I will be sharing with you some of the tips I have personally tested and proven to work perfectly when it comes to writing an effective blog content. They are 5 in all, which means at the end of your reading you should be considering using at least 3 or 4 that caught your attention! Alright let’s see them:

Try it before suggesting

This is my first pick for you! Most bloggers today blog about what they are not too sure of. As a blogger and writer, the worst thing that will happen to you is waking up one day to see a comment that reads “I tried it but it ruined my work” or “I did what you suggested but it never worked”. A comment like this hangs your credibility or authority as a writer or blogger; it becomes bad when you write a niche blog. Always write or share contents you are knowledgeable in. If you don’t have much knowledge on the topic, you might consider a guest posting service.

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Writing Epic Contents is fun

Again, another question begs – what is an epic content? Your answer is also welcomed in comments. But before then I will give you my own definition. An epic content is a content written to celebrate your readers. It’s a content written out of clear mind, love and inspiration. No strings attached, you are bent on giving the best to your readers without holding a thing from them. It’s a natural thing to say that you can only give freely to those you love! That is what epic content is all about. You can check out these 5 Tips that Helps You Write Epic Content

Leave room for thinking and questions

If you have been following up on this post, you would have noticed the last 2 tips already at work. I talked about sharing what you know and writing an epic content. Now is leaving room for thinking and questions. Have you noticed anywhere on this post where I asked questions and begged for answers? That’s another question to keep you thinking! When writing your blog post, try coming up with questions which your readers can brainstorm on and would want to give answers in comments. A reader engagement content is one which a reader reads and communicates with you and other readers, and is sure done in comments.

Filter your content for possible repetitions

A filtered and processed product sells more than the one which was quickly or horribly produced and pushed into the market. This is the same when it comes to writing an effective blog content. Before you hit that publish button, ask yourself if the content is fit enough to compete with its likes in your niche. Take some time to go through the work and check for word repetitions. Most readers hate to see you mentioning one thing over and over.

Again, typos and spelling errors will send your readers away. Always make sure you proofread, reflect and rethink before hitting the publish button.

Hit the nail at the head when necessary

In addition to filtering your content, try hitting the nail at the head. Don’t gamble with words, if there is a word for a thing use it rather than writing long sentences just to fill up your content or reach a certain word count. Let’s say you want to talk about someone who avoids unnecessary spending or expenditure either of money or anything else, you can hit the point direct by summarizing all those words with “frugal living”. However, make sure you don’t use high vocabulary words, blog contents are meant to be simple and focused. If a word for a whole sentence is complex then use the sentence the way it is.

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My Last words on writing an effective blog content

You may know how to write a song or how to write a research paper, but know that it may not be the same with writing an engaging blog content. Smart readers know when you are going off the line and will stop reading once they notice it. You don’t want your hard earned visitors and potential readers to stop half way reading your content!

Your turn

Remember we have some questions unanswered so now is the time to get the discussion cracking…

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  • I like what you wrote but was distracted by your own grammatical errors! You should get someone to proofread what you write since I am one of those people who move on when I encounter these type of errors.

  • This is a very helpful article about writing an effective blog. A lot of bloggers will surely find this post as informative. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Jackson Nwachukwu
    You really said it all about writing effective blog post for readers, but i would like to add more value to this post by saying when you are crafting an article make the article brief and informative this is one strategy i have used to build my blogs. thanks for the post again bro

  • yes writing a great and engaging article requires lots of effort. thanks for ur effective advises

  • In order to write compelling, engaging blog posts you have to start with a passion for your topic. The quality of the content that is produced is more important than the frequency of posting or the precision of the SEO. In fact the best SEO is to produce well written, organic content that is meant for human eyes to read. Focus on your readers and the knowledge that you want to share. If it is valuable enough then they will find you.

  • Although I have read so many article on this same topic but when makes this different is the room for question to extract what others and readers feel about what you write about.

  • Great tips and i totally agreed with you, as a blogger you should test and if its good then share to your readers but remember what works for me might not work to others but i still believe is good to try first before writing about anything

    • Hi Collins, I like to throw a little light on the part of your comment that says "what works for me might not work for others".

      I will like to say here that it depends on the context. If there is a standard procedure to get something done, then that procedure should be followed to achieve maximum result. The same applies when you as a blogger test and confirm the working of something and then share your success stories with people to follow suite.

      Thanks for your wonderful contribution. Cheers!

  • Writing skills are the things that could be the biggest weakness of any blogger or the strongets point as blogging is dependent on how you present. Your post helps to that every blogger who know many things but they can’t publish their post because of less writing(This includes me) . Well I use some grammar tools to correct some grammatical mistake like grammarly and ginger and it helps me a lot. Thanks for this really helpful post.

    • Hmm, Martin you just made a point here. Writing skills is really a dual feature found in many bloggers. It can make or mare you.

      Thanks for a wonderful comment here.