5 Simple Tips to Save Money When Shopping Online

Most internet users often have the need to shop online at one point in time though this is not something everyone of us does. For online shoppers who buy stuffs on the internet all the time, there are certain tips to follow to save some extra cash. Although these tips probably won’t work for all kinds of shopping you do online, there are still cases where you’re gonna be able to save some money if you can apply them wisely.

Below are 5 good ways to save money when shopping online:

1. Buy in bulk

This is probably the easiest tip which we don’t follow most of the time. Buying on the internet in bulk is a good way to save money because most of the time, online stores often offer discount for bulk purchase. What I mean is that if an item is sold at $5, you may be asked to pay just $12 if you’re buying 3 of such item at once. It’s also the same in domain registration  and hosting account purchase. The longer the duration of your registration, the cheaper the price you have to pay.

2. Use Coupon Codes

Okay, I know this is common but the point is how often do you use it? Coupons are meant to make you buy at a cheaper rate and by all means, I normally search for coupons before making any purchase online. I’ve got lots of coupon codes sites bookmarked on my browser and believe me, they do come in handy. I was planning to start a website for a client last week and Bigrock promo codes saved me 30% off what I should’ve paid.

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3. Fill your Cart and Leave

One thing I noticed about online stores is that they have the tendency to keep customers and in a bid to do this, they would reach out to you when they notice they’re about to lose one. When shopping, a trick that often works for me is actually trying to buy stuffs, registering on the site with my regular email, filling the cart with what I intend to but and then stop there. I won’t bother to make any payment and in about two days or more, I should receive an email from the store asking me to come and finish my purchase at a discounted price.

Of course this doesn’t work all the time but it’s worth tying if what you’re buying is not needed urgently.

4. Take Advantage of Promos

You don’t need to be told this as common sense lets you know that all the promotions offered by these online stores is a great way to save some money. There are times when promotions can get you what you need for free or at a discount of up to 50% .

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5. Use Rebate Sites

Rebate sites  lets you but at cheaper rates from online stores they work with. You get cash back on all your purchases and good examples are MrRebates.com and FatWallet.com.

These are tips I think should help you save some money while shopping online. Is there some other methods you personally use not listed here?

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  • Fill your cart and leave! This is something that I will deffinitely try. Till now I haven't think over that, but I will. I do use coupons since an year an a half ago. After the first year I was surprised how much money we saved from the familly budget. I will try the rest of the tips. It's amazing how such simple tips sometimes could save you a lot of money.

  • These tips will be beneficial for many of them. As nowadays the number of online shoppers have increased rapidly but still these posts will make them do online shopping without any hesitation. Thanks!

  • Hello, I agree with these points. I would say nowadays online shopping sites that offer reliable and more convenient shopping and delivery. from my points view, They should be regularly update all coupon code that they have. If they have few stores and it could be help they regularly manage them.

  • Now you got me smiling with the method 3 ( Fill your Cart and Leave) , Sound funny but cool. Am going to try that soon. I never miss to check for available coupon whenever i am shopping online. That saves alot

    • Did that on a store yesterday and got a discount message before evening. It sure works but not all the time. :)

  • Awesome tips you have written. i particularly like the use of coupons. i do some google search for coupons in order to get discount.

  • These tips are great. Also I found out that if I am buying stuff like software or ebook from internet marketers, if i try to close the browser, the discounted page will now show. I have gotten huge savings from this method

    • Yes! I forgot to add that but it's only applicable to sales pages set up by internet marketers, I guess.

  • Thanks Don for sharing this post, using coupon codes and buying in bulks is a great way to save money in online shopping, sometimes you can buy many items for just little amount where only one item may cost very high, but the problem i think we have is that we may think we dont really need those items and only need one, but as times goes one, we will discover we still need some items like that and still go back to buy one, if we've already bought the whole items for little price there is no need to throw out some extra cash for another one again.

    A good example of this is wordpress themes, I've seen where a single theme cost around $30 and 50 themes cost only $700! look at how much money we save from buying the whole 50 themes?

    Others tips also work perfectly good and can save someone ass when shopping online.