5 Reasons Why iPhone Sucks and Android is Better

Clearly, the only reason iPhone users jailbreak their device is because of the “jail” Apple puts them into.I can’t imagine having a device I have no control over, a device that doesn’t give me the freedom I deserve. Even with a jailbroken iPhone with cydia installed, there are still limitations. Android is the definition of freedom because it simpley lets me do whatever I want to do without complications, and I just love it.  Next to Android, I’ll definitely for Symbain OS before even considering iOS (if I ever will). If you’re considering getting an iPhone, I suggest you read this and you will be convinced that Android phones are a lot better in many ways.

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1. Android is open source

Google made it a fair playground for developers and noobs and in the last few years, Android has dominated a large share of the smartphone market. I can develop an application in the corner of my room if I want to and to be honest, who wouldn’t want to do that?  With an iPhone, you can only use what Apple approves and nothing more. Have you ever wondered why it took so long to have Google Chrome in App Store or why there’s no iOS version of Mozilla Firefox?

2. Android means freedom

It’s not just open source, it gives you what iOS will never offer you. You are free to do whatever you like with your device. There are tons of customizations available and Android OS is a platform that actually makes your device yours. Apple takes your money, gives you a phone and then hand down rules on what you must do with it? That sucks big time

3. Anyone can acquire an Android device

The latest Google Nexus tablet sells at $199 dollars! Can you believe that? Will there be a phone or tablet from Apple that’s so cheap? Not in a thousand years! The common man on the street can use a smartphone, or even a tablet running on Android OS. No matter how much you have, you can always get one. Samsung Galaxy Pocket costs about 18,000 Naira here in Nigeria.

4. iPhone is simply overrated

I’ve been there and I know what I speak. iPhone is just an overrated phone and all the hype isn’t just worth it. A cheaper Android device is more fun than the costly iPhone

5. Wide range of designs to choose from: That’s Android!

Well, iPhone can get boring with that similar look they all have. There are thousands of designs to choose from when it comes to Android phones and tablets. Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Huawei… the list goes on and on and I can choose to get an Android phone with QWERTY keyboard, a non-touchscreen device, a small smartphone that isn’t bogus. WTF! iPhone is boring and it all looks similar. I hate that.

Conclusion: If you really care about freedom, don’t put yourself in Apple’s jail with an iPhone or iPad. An Android device is a much better option.html

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  • Derek Odum

    You say this cause you really hate the iPhone
    Although i prefer Android, i still think the iPhone is worth my money and would consider getting one in the future.
    Although its not open source like android it still has more apps than your highly recommended “Android”
    iPhone is Gorgeous bro, even the designs android can’t beat.

    • Noble Ozogbuda

      Android is a free source phone, and i love it more than iphone, you there is most features that android support that i think iphone cant support them. Like wireless network sharing internet to computer and other phone that support wireless network sharing. Like some symbians nokia phones and new java s40 nokia phones.
      One thing i love android phone, is that it takes both jar files by the help of some java emulators applications.

  • Dion wales

    Its like Apple has enchanted everyone one, i am here to break the charm. For God sake, why would you go for a phone like that, i so much understand the fact that there are so many apps for iPhone but you can still get all this apps for Android also. I just hate iPhone, too much of restrictions.

    • Earl

      Thanks, I am Glade to see others feel the same I have an Ipad 64 four years now and I’ve not been able to use it when I got it I started to set it up got the @icloud stuff and a password oh and the four-digit passcode in it and then I was hospitalized for a month and a half and when I finally got home the I pad was the last thing I got to and forgot all those things but the four-digit code and tried and tried till it locked up and wouldn’t let me in so I called the place out in California and got told they can’t just help me they said if I don’t have an Apple store close by because I am in very rural are the best by could do it too so I took it to the geeks they said no problem so they hooked it to a computer there for an hour then gave it to me said I was all set I said it took that long to sweep it it didn’t have anything on it but my user name cloud thing and my password but he said oh yeah it takes that long the geek said oh yes but now I am good to go I touched it and it lit up and said help and said what language did I won so it appears to be all set got back home by my Wifi and it showed it was able to go on my wifi with out re paswording it and said to put user Idea and I forgot and then it locked up now so I cant get to the four digit code because it been too many attempts and it was signed out before it was swept so it must not belong to me I didn’t know anything about singing out and now I can’t use it any way and two hundred plus dollars wasting away so Apples Suck in New York Androids rule !!!!!!., ,

  • S Briggs

    You’re not wrong – The android has a whole lot of features than iOS devices.
    It comes down to individual Choice now.. And most people still prefer the iPhone to the android. May be in time as new android devices are made available to the market, people will warm up to it.

    *Gives my iPhone a Wet Kiss* 😀

  • Obasi Miracle

    For sure Iphone should be “a hobby” only for the “old papas & mammas’ ‘” who barely have time for the tech stuffs of the current age never for geeks like us #winks#

  • Maori

    Don, how much do i hear you say Samsung Galaxy Note cost in Nigeria? cheak yr write-up again.

    • Don Caprio

      Lol. I wasn’t the one that wrote the post. I’m sure it’s a mistake. Gots to be Samsung Galaxy Pocket or something.

  • soileee

    Android signifies freedom….iphones means jail, so its left to choose between jail and freedom….just kidding, sincererly both rocks

    • Billionaire Wizkid

      Dude! I think You are so darn Right! Although I us a symbina O.S (E63) but my dad us a sony droid device and I have seen it do ”magic” that Iphone can’t do! And you are free to do what evert you like on it on like Iphone! I CHOOSE FREEDOM!
      I think humans and beings of persecption…becos if you show them exicting reasons why they should pay (to become jailed!) they will follow you like bees on Nacter!

  • Victorywise

    How much is the samsung galaxy note sold in Nigeria, is it 108,000, 180,000?… I don’t understand,

    • Dion wales

      I meant Samsung Galaxy Pocket not the Samsung Galaxy Note. Don”t get me wrong please.

  • Nwosu Desmond

    There are countless reasons why Android has become a success and you just listed some of the reasons…..and these reasons are enough for a prospective mobile user to choose Android any time any day. I am enjoying the competition in the smartphone market….

  • Darkbauer

    You seem to be another ignorant dumbshit Crapdroid fanboy: NO SMARTPHONE compares to an iPhone; no ignorant phandroid ever aknowledges the fact that the most important component in those devices is the OS KERNEL; Android is based on the shitty, hacked and regurgited Linux kernel (2.6.20+) while the iPhone is based on the superior BSD and Mach Kernel from Carnegie-Mellon.

    Execution of apps in iPhone is native, and do not suffer penalty by means of a virtual machine. My iPhone 3gs executes the Apps quicker than 1.4 Ghz processor Android devices

    While android smartphones use shitty Micro SD cards formatted in the awful and obsolete FAT file system, the iPhone uses the superior HFSX filesystem with 8-bit ECC in every read and write operation, guaranteeing the integrity of your valuable data

    Apple’s App Store Apps are the standard of excellence in mobile computing, and they work consistently across all iOS devices. The same can’t be said about Android pieces of crapware

    Apple has full control of the device, so you won’t find shitty carriers’s crapware bloating your device

    You can disable system logging and reporting in iOS but Android handsets are reporting all kind of details about your device to Google and if you try to disable this option, you will end with an useless brick

    Virus and rootkits are rampant in the Android platform

    Smart people don’t believe the “open source” hype, we know there is no free lunch and we want quality for our hard earned dollars

    In short, Android is for guys with poor social skills who get laid with fat chicks

  • Danyelle Franciosa

    I absolutely agree that iPhone sucks and Android is coming over on the top. Androids have more applications that would click to the users that iphone.

    • gogoboy

      Oh mine. Your articles remind me the kiddo from the US stated Australia President is a he and religious. One thing for sure I don’t know when Australia has installed a President. HaHa!

  • Justin

    Android is more for geeks in my opinion, and the iPhone is more for people who don’t have vast technical experience. However, I think that the iPhone has a superior app store, simple as that.

  • Darkbauer

    I assure you I’m a first grade geek: A UNIX Solutions Architect, and I love the iPhone because its OS is based on BSD. You have surely tried Linux, but have you tried the superior BSD? Nothing compares. The iPhone appeals to advanced users and technical/enterprise people. Have you tried a jailbroken iPhone? And you, Android users, have you ever tried to send or receive S/MIME encrypted mail from your devices? No way, iPhone is ages in advance, no wonder it is the choice of smart people who want things that work 99.9% of the time as expected.

    • Andy

      Sir you know absolutely nothing. I work in a Verizon store and I cannot tell you how many iPhones are shipped with major defects. We have opened iPhones only to find half the screen not responding to touch, wifi not connecting, speakers not working, phones simply not turning on at all or freezing up. We sell about 75% android phones, yet somehow 75% of the people with technical issues or complaints come in with…. iPhones. Crapple makes products for brainwashed hipsters based on their idea of what they tell you you want. Android is built for consumers with brains that work and who are able to think logically. Sorry but iPhone is just wrong and is only successful because Apple has brainwashed idiots into thinking it it the shit.

  • Guppu Boss @ iPhone 5 release date

    agree with you android has many advantages and now a days its technology is increasing rapidly but iphone can’t be neglected still it has huge fan following

    • Don Caprio

      And I remain a fervent iOS freak 😉

  • I hate Fandroids but I love Android

    1. iOS is all about quality
    High quality apps which is 99% real apps and not cheap knock offs which anyone can make.

    2. Android means double-edged freedom
    You are free to slow your device down without any restrictions.

    3. Anyone can acquire an Android device because…
    They’re selling their phones at a loss.
    Almost everyone is using it, so they must use it too.
    Hipsters who show off their Android phones.

    4. Android is simply overrated
    It needs “powerful” specs just to make the UI run smoothly with all the fancy and useless features.

    5. Wide range of designs to choose from: That’s Android!
    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. First, you guys say that people buy iPhones because of the design and the Apple logo. Then, you guys bash the iPhone by calling it boring. How’s that giant Samsung logo on your front screen?

    Conclusion: If you don’t really care about fancy specs and features, a store that have thousands of malware, overly arrogant users who can’t F*CKING TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A COMPANY AND A MOBILE OS and a f*cking sluggish UI, don’t put yourself in Google’s so-called freedom with an Android peice of crap. An iOS device is a much better option.

    • Don Caprio

      At least someone thinks like I do. 🙂 I couldn’t agree less. I personally use iOS and I doubt if I’ll be switching to Android ever.

  • gogoboy

    Sure, Android is nice. Not until I hack into your Android phone steal chunk of your personal data and do some damages till you in trouble but wouldn’t find out only years after. IMHO, Android OS is the old Microsoft win9X in the 80’s and 90’s. Full of zero day holes that patch here leak there. No wonder the hardware makers are rushing for a quad core into octacore plus a much bigger RAM so the owner of the device could arm themselves with multiple firewall, AV and spyware programs.

    • gogoboy

      Another way of saying it, Google turned a very best and secure Linux OS into pretty insecure hackable Android OS.

  • Dude

    Ha ha, andriod is not a smart phone it is an os. You can run it on an iphone, wondows phone, or walmart cheap ass piece o shit phone. The iphone of course does anything android does , plus,,, jailbreak and android gets those nast ass virusus ! No wonder iphone has 70 percent of the market! Plus the interface is simply brilliant

  • Tyrone

    The iPhone owns no where near 70% of the market android has always dominated the iPhone in sells

  • Mare

    Not here to argue or waste time. I’ve owned the 4, 4s and 5. Had my 5 stolen due to a break in on my vehicle. Decided to try galaxy note 2. All I have to say is this was a blessing in disguise!!! When I started with my first iPhone there really wasn’t anything to compare. Will never go back BUT I will always keep my MacBook.

  • N0v4

    I’m assuming you are a Fandroid, Android phones tend to damage easily and it gets slow anytime, the OS lacks the process and there are not many good features that iPhone can do, brag about Androids all you like, iPhone is better.

  • Zoya Bennet

    The article was narrated in a good manner so that every one can understand the core values. Android is holding the top position by the feature like ease of accessibility. It is accepatable both in user’s aspects and developers point of view. Also availability of Android phones at the reasonable cost is also an added value. AS report says that Android is at the first position as of US market share.


  • Brian Johnson

    Totally agree with you Dion. The other thing that iOS devices lack than Android devices is software. I mean, professional smart rich people would definitely pick GALAXY Note than iPhone given that Note has so many many many features that iPhone doesn’t have (or will never have). For example is multi-window-mode where you can multi-task apps on the same one screen at the same time. This is extremely important for many people, not just tech geeks, that want to use their smartphones as really “smart-computing-phone”, not just overrated cell phone. I’ve seen many professional rich people, employee, pick Galaxy Note over iPhone.