5 Killer Ways to Increase Your Google PageRank

Are you worried on how to increase traffic to your blog? Then the main thing that you will have to work upon is Google Page rank. The better the page rank of your blog, the more relevant is the internet presence of your blog and the more traffic you get to your posts.

So, in this post I will be providing you all with the steps that would help you to boost up your page rank. Read it carefully and try not to miss a point.

Here are the killer ways that will help you to increase your website ranking:

  1. Guest Post
  2. The first and the most effective method to increase your website page rank is guest post on reputed website. This will help you in many ways. As this will help in increasing your page rank of course, as I mentioned above, but in bonus your links, traffic, internet presence will also be boosted.

    So, make sure that you guest post on highly reputed websites having page rank 3 or more. The content you provide to them must be of high quality.

  3. Submitting Website Different Directories
  4. When you have build up your website, the first step that must be in your mind is submitting your website to all sort of directories, both free and paid. Apart from this, you should also submit your website’s XML sitemap to  Google webmasters, Yahoo and Bing webmaster tools. Also submitting to search engines like Ask and the rest helps.

    Submitting your website to different directories help in increasing your website presence on internet, traffic and thus page rank.

  5. Commenting On Other Blogs
  6. Commenting on other high ranking websites help in increasing links with other websites, and also as you know that a link of your recent post remains on the website, so this helps in increasing your traffic also to some extent through it.

    So, keep commenting on reputed blogs, this will help you a lot. 😉

  7. Regular updating
  8. One must be dedicated to his work if you’re actually pursuing success. I would suggest that enjoy your blogging, this will then not seem to you as hard work but more like having fun.

    Regularity in your work is very essential if you want that your website to get a high page rank. Google also like websites that produce fresh content always.

  9. High Quality Content

Providing high quality content to your users this will lead to increase in regular visitors to your website. The visitors always visit a website for quality content, so if you will provide them with it, they will surely visit your website again and again. This also makes search engines respect your site and in turn, a better PageRank gets awarded to you in the long run.

That’s all!!

These are the points I have!! Do you have some more tips? Then comment and let’s hear it. 😉

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