5 Great Alternatives to Whatsapp Messenger on Android, iOS and Blackberry

Whether you have an Anroid device, iOS device, a Blackberry or a simple Nokia s40 phone, you can use these exceptional Whatsapp messenger. Whatsapp is considered as one of the top mobile messengers.  It is a great choice for those people who love networking. Almost every other person owns this application and if you don’t, then download Whatsapp here.

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Its fantastic features like media files sharing, location sharing, and low data charges usage make it different from others. When I first got this application, I was pretty impressed to see that you can share images and even videos within no time and without much charges (lower than MMS at least). It was an impossible thing years back but Whatsapp actually made it possible. The interface is pretty simple and you can contact people globally without burning your money.

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The thing I should mention here is that Whatsapp has some cons too which gives plus to other instant messaging mobile applications. Like you have to sign up for a yearly subscription charges (which isn’t that high though but some applications are totally free of cost). Next, you can’t even log off from Whatsapp which gives privacy issues.

So here are the 5 good Whatsapp alternatives:

1. Tango

Yeah! This is the best Whatsapp alternative I’ve ever used. It has almost same user interface and same features as Whatsapp. However, the app provides much more than just instant messaging. You can call your friends on internet charges. You can even video chat with your friends if your phone supports 3G or 4G. The feature I liked is the “press to talk” feature which makes it pretty quick to send audio files. The app works just like Whatsapp when it comes to faster working. Overall the application is best alternative.

2. Skype

Skype is basically an IM app for PC but its popularity led its developers to create versions for mobile and tablets as well. The reason why Skype is the best alternative to Whatsapp is that it supports voice calling apart from instant messaging. Second thing is that it is free. The other person has to own Skype like Whatsapp but the difference is that you only have to bear data carrier charges. There are no subscription charges. You can log in and log out whenever you want. The voice clarity depends on your network but still it is one of the best alternatives to Whatsapp.

3. ChatON

The best thing about ChatON is that it is from our very own “Samsung”. ChatON is the app I always wanted to write about. I’ve been using this app since last month and it has brought the best it can. Privacy options are there for your security. Though it is a simple IM mobile messenger with simple interface and a pinch of fun options but still it would be my first priority if someone asks me to leave Whatsapp. The app has a separate download bar as well from where you can download backgrounds, smileys, templates, fonts, etc. Maybe this feature makes it inconvenient but for IM, the app is good.

P.S, you can even deregister if you don’t like it 😉

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4. Viber

When I first downloaded Viber on my Nokia s40, I didn’t like it. But after installing it on my Android, I changed my statement. The application has a great interface and in my opinion it is one of the best Whatsapp alternatives. The app is simple yet useful. Registration pattern is same. You have to register your number via SMS. The plus is that you can call through this application to your contacts. The thing that makes it useful is its popularity. You can download all the messengers but I bet most of your contacts will be using Viber only.

5. Kik Messenger:

It did what I didn’t expect! Kik Messenger is another great alternative. Everything is pretty similar from sounds to fonts which makes it a good choice. You can even share files with this application, however, this option is restricted to images only. The thing that makes it good over Whatsapp is that it is free. No subscription, nothing to spend. It just deducts the data charges and otherwise its totally free.

P.S: When you are getting bored, you can even talk to automated Kik Team contact :p

There are some other good IM apps as well but they can’t be called Whatsapp alternatives. Like WowTalk and WeChat. GTalk is also good but it does not allow file sharing. Facebook messenger is another great choice but you need to have a Facebook account and you can only talk with Facebook friends. I used many other messengers as well but experienced inconvenience while registering or they were flooded with useless options. So, if you really don’t like Whatsapp, then try the above five.

All the apps were tested on Android Gingerbread but almost every one of them has an iOS version that can be found at App Store.

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  • I am not really much of a Skype person mainly because i hardly come by people that use it but this post just made me want to give it a trail again, Great list or alternatives, but i still love my whatsapp :)

  • Great apps mentioned in the post. As Whatsapp is the best but you chose other chatting applictions when needed. In my choice Viber is the best among the alternative of whatsapp.

  • Thank you !
    For sharing sharing great alternative of Whatsapp. I love these apps. I have already installed to my android.

  • Hello Caprio, its good you took your time on this, its good to know Whatsapp alternatives. These are great apps.

    Kind Regards

  • I have used Tango,Viber and skype.I think Tango is the best.I particularly like the video calling feature in Tango.But most of my friends are on whats app.So,actually there is no alternative to whats app for me.Thanks for the nice share.

  • Hello Arfa,
    what a lovely post. But i wouldn''t call this an alternative because they all have their features and things they do entirely different. but i still love the fixtures you put. thanks